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Rabbit’s health is the most unknown topic. We can find lots of doctors who understand about cats’ or dogs’ diseases, but not rabbits’. Many rabbits’ deaths are remain misterious, we just don’t know why it died so suddenly. Although the previous day it looked perfectly healthy.

I’ve been there… But never again.


This 200-some pages book will be your savior during the emergencies, both for the beginners and for those who already have rabbits.

Editorial Reviews (Amazon.com)
Book Description

This user-friendly book on pet rabbit health from a caretaker’s perspective is written for people with little or no medical or veterinary background. Its goal is to help rabbit owners play a more active, informed role in their rabbit’s health care decisions. It should never substitute for a trip to the veterinarian!

The book’s predecessor, Rabbit Health 101, received a favorable review in Exotic DVM Veterinary Magazine. The revised edition incorporates feedback from veterinarians across the country and includes the latest information for the new millennium.
Topics include:
• Choosing and establishing a relationship with a veterinarian
• Symptoms and safe treatment options for a variety of conditions
• Diagnostic tests and how to understand what they tell your veterinarian
• Drugs (prescription, over the counter, and supplements)
• Alternative medicine
• Coping with loss
• Resources and references

Stories and pictures of rabbits from around the world are sprinkled throughout the book, adding personal touches to serious topics. By the time you have read the entire book you will feel that you know Smokey, who inspired the original Rabbit Health 101, and Murray, who contributed so much to this most recent update.

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The Best Rabbit Handbook ^^

I found one! This book is my favourite.
This is the best handbook ever for understanding your rabbit and how to raise it in the way that make it live happily with you, together in your house.

house-rabbit-handbook.jpgThe 96-page book is recommended by the House Rabbit Society and other educating institutions as well as the readers that have read the book and benefit from it.

    • Editorial Reviews (Amazon.com)
      Book Description
      The House Rabbit Handbook coined the term “house rabbit” and continues at the forefront of rabbit care and appreciation. Packed with the collective wisdom of bunny-lovers and charming, candid photos of their pets, this fourth edition keeps pace with a more knowledgeable and demanding readership. This revision includes updated health-care and dietary information, accompanied by diagrams and photo illustrations, and chapters on understanding rabbit language, choosing a rabbit, and safety issues. A new section includes revised recommendations for rabbit space and how to creatively integrate it with human space. Fresh housing options described here include “condos” and “Xpens.” Exercise and ways to encourage it is the subject of another new section, covering how the shape of an exercise area can determine whether it’s used, along with equipment and stimulating “activities” for rabbits. Also here are improved techniques for litter box training, bunny proofing, lifting and handling, grooming and bonding; behavior insights from expert caregivers; dealing with elderly, special-needs, and disabled bunnies; and much more.

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