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So Do You

Here i am. Feeling all romantic and full of words in my mind

I just have to let it out.

Not my intention to write this kind of writing in here. But let me.. For once. Or maybe more.

See the couples over there?
Feeling so excited since they are just married. Lovely honeymoon must be the very first boost 😉 *giggle*

How about the shy boy and girl holding hands over there?
They must be on their first date!
Who said we have to bang around on our first date to have a memorable moment with your bf or gf? Modern? Bull shit.

Dont u know, a little smile and warm hugs, or holding your hands together and enjoying the time would give twinkling sensation on your body! It rushes your heart and thus, your adrenalin.

Of course, a soft kiss on the cheek would be very sweet..!

And those? A man sitting near a lady, trying to be adorable and cool at the same time. His jokes aren’t that funny, if i may be honest, but the lady seems so tickled by it and laughing like she could never stop. Lucky man.

What else? The pretty woman over the block, sexy, a great cook, and smart, the guys are all over her! Well.. just like a magnet to each other, she is engaged to the best guy on the block (yes..athletic, rich, extremely smart, and humorous). Who’s the lucky one?

Wouldn’t be able to ignore the peaceful atmosphere around the wrinkle hands hugging each other shoulders.. Looking at the massive pictures of their big family hung over the wood-coloured wall. Sighing..laughing..reminiscing the old days…from the very first day they met, how their friends trying so hard to push them towards each other-which always failed. Until, they just feel it on a moment they couldn’t describe.

How they know that they love each other? We wouldn’t understand.

It is a special unique story, unique moment, created from the chemical substances that just mashed and mixed perfectly over the air around them. Chemistry. Pheromones. One over another can be only be matched, to their destined ones.

Timings. Situations. Decisions. Communications. Also to be considered.

Lovely ones…

You can and may just see it that way.

In reality,

Not long again, the newly weds will face the ugly sides of their spouses. Their marriage life depends on how they can cope and compromise to each other real personalities and habits. The period length? Their whole life, i reckon.

Girls aren’t always sweet. They have their hormones unstable during certain periods, which makes them quite like a drama queen. They may get super jealous, and super clingy to their boyfriends. It’s her first date and she has not known how a boy can be easily bored, and their next dates may not as sweet as the first ones. Boys are dicks (apologize for the inappropriate word). They will finally try their “luck” on you. You know it’s true, aint you?

Look closely to the man eyes. Whenever she laughed and closed her eyes, the man would try to catch the attention of another hot lady across their table. He stared to that lady quite often. And when the hot lady finally catched his eyes, they were flirting indirectly during that time. Using their gestures and eyes. The laughing lady wouldn’t notice at all, since the man had not stopped telling jokes to her and he kept his charm splitted to her all the time. How’s that possible? Ask him.

The perfect couples always attract people interests. Not to mention the hunting people. Nooot many good options out there, yes? Let’s just see how many hell temptations would be upon them… Will they manage to conquer them all? Or maybe.. just one of them that will manage to toss those temptations away.

Good old days.. Yes there were nice days. However, for them to have that peaceful atmosphere, they had to fight almost everyday!! BIG GIGANTIC fights!! Cries, divorce papers, money problems, in-laws problems, small and big affairs, flings, etc etc etc etc etc etc!!!


Do you.

Or do you?

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