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Miss Indonesia 2009 logo

I recently don’t watch beauty pageants since I’ve seen that for these past several years,  there was not very much improvement in the finalists’ quality.

Tonight, I just clicked on the channel showing Miss Indonesia 2009 due to information from a friend. It was already at the top 3 finalist. The judges were giving a same question to the top 3 finalists. They were from West Sulawesi, DKI Jakarta and Bali. The question was:

If you were the Indonesian government, what would you have done should there was a condition of Indonesian workers having sent back to our country from abroad while in Indonesia itself was having a high number of unemployed people?”.

Finalist from Bali was the first to be questioned. Her answer was quite impressing, however she obviously looked very nervous, thus her answer was cut on the end since the thirty-second time limit was up.

The second was the finalist from DKI Jakarta. She was very impressive. Her English is outstanding! Nonetheless, her confidence and  calmness  during her answer has produced a very wise, knowledgeable and practical answer.  She answered that she would like to provide encouragement and quality enhancement on the Indonesian workers’ quality while exposing Eastern culture onto the world eyes. This answer has instantly caught my attention.

Then, the finalist from West Sulawesi was the last to be questioned. The answer was quite similar with the other two finalists, with specific concern in providing new work fields and to enhance Indonesian workers’ quality so there will be no need to have workers from abroad anymore.

In my opinion, DKI Jakarta has the biggest chance to win because of her impressive fluency in English, calmness, great confidence and her wise answer.  Those are important strengths if she were to be  joined in Miss World 2009 as a representative of Indonesia.

And guess what…She won! 😀

Kerenina Sunny Halim, the  dedicative  teacher for children of tsunami victims in Aceh, who was born in Jakarta on June 13, 1986, the sister of Indonesian actor–Steve Emmanuel, Diploma of six fields–Public Relations, Sales and Marketing, Primary Teaching, Economics, Performing Arts, and Music and Arts (rcti.tv), is now the official MISS INDONESIA 2009!

Karenina Sunny Halim Miss Indonesia 2009

Kerenina Sunny Halim Miss Indonesia 2009

She is going to represent Indonesia in Miss World 2009 held at South Africa.

Congratulation to her and wish her luck on the Miss World 2009! ^^ * I know she will be great ;p *

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I’m at changi singapore just for a 45-minute transit to somewhere else. Testing the free wifi service, it’s only for 15 minutes per usage btw ^^

Well, it’s worth it enough, because it is very fast!

Uuuu T-T I’m very miss to be in Singapore. I’m so sad I can’t step out to outside, since it’s only 45-minute transit T-T *looking @ the airplane windows sadly*


See you next week!

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Do you want to have your own baby tree? At the real forest?

Now we can! ^^

The WWF made a website called www.mybabytree.org. Just like the web name, it is the web where we can plant a tree or more at the Indonesian rainforest, located at Borneo (Kalimantan) with just by paying US$5.50 for each baby tree using a paypal. Here is more information from the website:

1. What happens after I pay for my baby tree?
After you’ve paid, you will immediately receive an email confirming your payment. And in around two weeks we will email you a kmz link that you can use to locate your baby tree on Google Earth.

2. I can’t seem to find my baby tree.
Once you’ve donated, in around two weeks we will send a kmz link to your email. This link contains the coordinates of your newly planted baby tree. But in order for the kmz link to work, make sure that you have downloaded Google Earth before hand. Click here to download: www.googleearth.com

3. I’ve paid but there’s no news regarding my baby tree.

It takes us around two weeks after the time of your donation, to plant your baby tree and Geo-tag it.Then we will send you an email notifying you of the successful planting of your baby tree. In the email you will also receive a kmz link. Use this link (program) to pin point the exact location of your newly planted baby tree. But in order for it to work, you need to have Google Earth installed first. Click here to download your Google Earth: www.googleearth.com

4. How many people have planted so far?
We’ve had people from all over the world planting their baby trees. So far 1,300 baby trees have been planted. You can see the entire planting grid area on Google Earth.

5. Have other people already seen their trees on Google Earth?
Yes! Thousands of proud baby tree owners have seen their trees on Google Earth. And we have received hundreds of emails from everyone around the globe telling us how happy they are seeing their cute baby trees on Google Earth.

6. Can I buy more than one baby tree?

Of course you can. Just type the number of baby trees that you want to plant, in the Paypal box, on the left hand bottom corner of the web page.

7. Will I get news about my baby tree on my snail mail or on my Paypal account?
Neither. We will send you an email to the address you use to log in to your Paypal account.

8. What’s the most number of trees anyone ever bought?
Ms. Luna Maya from Jakarta, Indonesia has planted 100 baby trees.

9. How often can I check for updates and how do I do it?
Updates would depend on how often Google Earth refreshes their satellite images. Visibility of rain forest areas also depends on cloud cover. To check your baby tree, just click on the kmz link and it will automatically direct you to where your tree is planted.

10. How do I use Google Earth?
Google Earth is very easy to use. Once you’ve clicked on your kmz link you will immediately be directed to Google Earth. Now simply click on the NEWtrees link on the left column of your page. When clicked, you will automatically be pin pointed to the planting grid of your baby tree. Then you can easily navigate more by using the tools located on the top right hand corner of your page.

11. Where is Borneo?
Borneo is located at the centre of Maritime Southeast Asia. It is the third largest island in the world and administratively, this island are divided between Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei. The Indonesian region of Borneo is called Kalimantan.

12. Where is Sebangau?
Sebangau is located in the south part of Central Kalimantan Province, between the Sebangau and Katingan rivers. Sebangau National Park is an area of 568,7000 ha that holds one of the largest known remaining Orangutan populations in the world.

13. How can I find out more about Borneo and WWF?
Please click on the ‘did you know’ tab and then click on the panda logo in the bottom left of your screen

If we still haven’t answered your questions please write to us at askme@mybabytree.org


For every virtual tree planted on the website, the WWF will plant a real tree at the Indonesian rainforest. There are three kinds of trees they will planted: Shorea Belangeran, Diera Costulata (Jelutung) and Alstonia Scholaris (Pulai).

When you go to the website, I suggest you to play the intro first, it’s hilarious! 🙂


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There are lots of shrines in Japan, which dedicated to the Gods (Kamisama) they worship. Each shrine has a purpose. For example, we have heard about the Goddess of Food/Rice (Inari Kamisama) which is associated with foxes and statued as “Kitsune” (Japanese fox) at the Inari Shrine. Then we also know about the famous God of Delivery who is believed will protect the mothers and their babies along the delivery process, which associated with shiba dogs at the Suitengu Shrine. But I’ll talk about them at another time. I’m specially interested with one of the most unlikely shrine I’ve ever known, Tsuki Shrine.


Tsuki Shrine is a shrine for Moon God. Moon God is a brother of the Sun Goddess. They don’t talk to each other – hence day and night. The Japanese believes that rabbit is a messenger of Moon God which “brings happiness”. And so the shrine has statues of Rabbits within it


It’s located at Urawa-shuku, Saitama prefecture, Japan. To reach it, alight at Urawa Station, take exit at the West Gate and then walk about 10 minutes.

Additionally, there is a flea market that takes place on the fourth Saturday of every month in Urawa-shuku’s Tsuki Shrine (wikipedia.com). It looks like they sell various of products. There even has kimonos sold with a very bargain price! (see below pictures) I certainly want to go there once I have a chance! ^^




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I have fall in love with this guy!! *(≥v≤)*

~fukusuke-pon 福助ぽん wearing cute sweater~

~ tampopo paradise, pon ぽん: “i’m in heaven….!” ~

~ fukusuke-pon 福助ぽんhugging its mama? X3 ~


ahhhhhhhhh such an angelllll!! *>v<*~~luv luv luv luv

Those pictures are just a few of beautiful series of fukusuke-pon 福助ぽん pictures taken by its owner and shared at flickr.com. We can see the adventurous story of pon ぽん being told by the beautiful shots, which photographed very professionally. Moreover, each of the pictures always has a note or a story or a description of the picture. You can see the live of fukusuke-pon 福助ぽん and his owner (yes, it’s a buck! A male rabbit! ;D). It is like reading a story telling book! It’s truly a living story of Sentaro–a manga telling stories about the daily live of a manga author and his hiper-active ultra-cute mini rabbit!

I’m very thankful to my friend, Lisa, for telling me about him! TvT! I truly have met an angel! Go to flickr.com and search by the name of fukusuke-pon 福助ぽん to watch more of its stories! OR just click here to go directly to the page of fukusuke-pon 福助ぽん photo albums .

Have a wonderful adorabunny-day ^.-!

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“Wonder Woman” is not just a title of Mulan’s latest hit song. Mulan Jameela, who was popular by the name of Mulan Kwok, is a wonder woman herself.

Her real name is R. Wulansari. She was born in August 23, 1982 at Garut, West Java. She was a cafe singer when Maia found her and ask her to join in a pop duo called RATU. RATU was a pop duo established by Maia in 2002. The group had switched member two times, leaving only the founder remained in the group. However, since the case about salary’s transparency occurred, which was triggered by Mulan, RATU is now officially dismissed. It didn’t end there. The fight between Maia and Mulan is continued and now affecting Maia’s marriage.

I am still very mad with Mulan because she is acting bitchy by taking advantage of Ahmad Dhani’s (Maia’s husband) interest in her (click here to see the picture of Ahmad Dhani and Mulan’s public affair). She deliberately ignoring the truth that she could be as successful as now is because of Maia.

Anyway..In spite of all of her mistakes, I still give my respect to her efforts as a single parent for her child. For me, a single mother is a very tough position, and I respect those kind of people the most. And, she’s absolutely talented. I just hope God will soon open her blind heart (also for Ahmad Dhani).

I love this song very much. This is the song that has struck me hard into the heart. The song is very energetic and the video clip is totally amazing. The song is telling about a women who’s always being hurt by his boyfriend’s attitude toward her. The guy always promise that he would never do it again, but the fact is, he always repeat it again and again. The woman is telling that her heart is not made of iron and steel, that it can be broken. And she is yelling to make him realized that she, is not his wonder woman.

Just listen to this song, guys… And hey girls, say it together with me: I AM NOT YOUR WONDER WOMAN!



by: Mulan Jameela

Kamu tipu aku lagi
Mungkin sudah ke seribu kali
Tak tahu kapan akan berakhir
Segala penyiksaan ini

Kamu tampar aku lagi
Dengan penyakit lamamu
Semakin lama aku pun bisa
Menjadi benar-benar gila

Reff :
Aku bukan wonder womanmu
Yang bisa terus menahan
Rasa sakit karena mencintaimu

Hatiku ini bukanlah hati
Yang tercipta dari besi dan baja
Hatiku ini bisa remuk dan hancur

Kamu paksa aku
Menerima cintamu lagi
Dengan segala tingkah lakumu
Yang membuatku bingung

Kamu tahan aku
Dengan logikamu lagi
Kau pikir aku akan mencair
Dengan rayuanmu…

Back to Reff



Below is the high quality video and enhanced audio version, but it’s just the half of the song.

Below is the whole video clip, but it’s a low quality video.

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BJORK is coming to Indonesia!
Tennis Indoor Senayan, Jakarta
February 12th 2008
8 pm
Bjork Volta Tour - Jakarta
Festival / Free Standing : Rp. 600. 000, – (around US$65)
Tribune / Free Seating : Rp. 500. 000, – (around US$54)
Call JAVA MUSIKINDO (+6221) 57988623/4/5
* Gosh… I wish I can go! T.T *
Try to get the free ticket for the concert by filling a form and downloading a Ring Back Tone required at www.javamusikindo.com or www.itsmeussy.com (you might don’t like the song, but as it is for having the chance to get the free ticket and meet her in person…It should be no problem! ^^)

The chance to get a free ticket is only until February 9th 2008
So you better move fast!!
ps: this is only for Indonesia’s mobile providers.
Read her exclusive interview about her new album <Volta> on the link below:
*it’s an old article, but it’s nice to read her description of Volta ^^*
*and..btw, one of her inspiration of Volta is from her visit to Indonesia after the tsunami*

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soeharto, 2nd former President of Indonesia. Picture courtesy of www.antara.co.id
~H.M. Soeharto in Memorial (1921-2008)~
H.M. Soeharto, a former 2nd President of Indonesia, has just passed away today, at 01.10 PM, in Rumah Sakit Pusat Pertamina (RSPP). He had suffered breathing failure and another multi-organ failure since 01.00 AM and had to be 100% supported with machine in order to help his respiration until he died at 01.10 PM today (27 January 2008). His health had been in critical state since 11 January 2008 where he suffered a multi-organ failure. That time, there were only three primary organ failures, which are heart, lungs and kidneys. Leaving only his brain and digestion organ, that were still working very well. However, today all of his organ had suffered fatal failures. It is said that there were some bleeding inside and an imperfect blood system.
Soeharto in critical state at RSPP. Picture courtesy of www.brisbanetimes.co.au.
Soeharto in critical state at RSPP
He lead a 32-year of what-so-called the best government in Indonesia which refers to the high economic growth and politic stability, before the economic crisis in 1997/1998. However, his governance had fatal weaknesses such as hidden brutality of killing people who said or did something that was contradicted with his ‘instructions’. And in economic point of view, his governance had done too many deregulation according to IMF instructions. That actions have resulted into Indonesia’s economy heavily dependent on Foreign Loan and Foreign Investment. This reflected how vulnerable the real economic condition of Indonesia during Soeharto’s governance. And the problem remains in Indonesia until now. It’s the biggest problem that all following governments must solve immediately.All channels still giving updates about where the body of Soeharto is going to be placed into. For now, Soeharto’s body is placed in his house at Cendana street. They predicted that the body will be buried in Solo, Middle Java, tomorrow morning. It will be buried beside his wife’s grave, Tien Soeharto.

In spite of his flaws as a President of Indonesia back then and as a human being, he deserves our forgiveness. Anyway, he had given his people 32-year of good life and not being pushed to live a hard life because of too many price increase at all primary goods, like now.

“Thank you for your dedication to this country. May God put you in a place where you belong”.

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The red light district at Calcutta, India, is one of places where Indian women and girls are forced to work as prostitutes. They are sold by their own family. It’s a business family. Dads and brothers act as the seller and negotiate with the customers at their living room. While the women/girls serve “the guests” at their own house. Sadly to say that, they are feeding the girls/women with the best food they have–even fresh meats, and dressing them in best clothes and lots of jewelry, just so the girls/women are attractive enough to the customers.
stairs The prostitution has been a culture in most families in 300 regions of India. It’s spread into the north and middle part of India, such as Bedia, Banchara, Nat, and Kanjar. In those places, the prostitution culture for having money has been going on for hundreds of years. It began when the south of Bedia and Middle India rapidly changed from prestigious regions to prostitution districts after they had suffered many lost in wars. Even the nomadic lifestyle of Kanjar tribe which initially depended on gardening and land ownerships, had changed. Since the women made more money from the prostitution business, the men were getting lack of their working ability. As for the Nat in the north region and the Banchara in the Middle India, there is a myth about women who gave their body in exchange for the generousness of the local men. That’s why the prostitution remains in the community.
Back to the red light district at Calcutta. There is a true story of a group consists of 9 children who’s very eager to learn how to use camera since they met Zana, the photographer from New York. Zana ‘auntie’–as the children called her, teach them photography and that’s the beginning of the freedom the children has been longing for. They captured everything in their neighbourhood, they pictured everything in every place they visited with Zana. They want to be educated, they want to be free from the brothels they were born into. They are all talented, and the pictures are fascinating. It’s just how they see the world. And from it, we can see their world. Pictures in this post are all taken by the children.
girl on the roof
man in the street
The documentary of those children (in the movie only 8 children included), the emotionally journey of Zana and her ‘class’ to reach the better living for them has gorgeously recorded in a documentary film called BORN INTO BROTHELS. Rich of colours, interesting story flow and lovely songs (I love the fact that they put some original Indian songs, the typical bollywood songs ^^). This documentary has won more than 30 major awards, and it’s an ACADEMY AWARD WINNER of BEST DOCUMENTARY FEATURE 2004.
Born Into Brothels DVD
Left to Right : Puja-the silly one, Suchitra-the quiet girl, Kochi-the shy one and also the very intelligent girl, Avijit-the very exceptionally talented among all, Tapasi-the brave girl, Gour-the sweet boy and is Puja best friend, Manik-the funny boy, and Shanti-manik’s big sister.
When you see the story, you’ll emerge to their life and you’ll feel that you know them well. The film is full of beautiful scenes, either sad or happy scenes. The feeling is so hard to describe… The emotion is so intense, you can cry and laugh along the story.
It just like they’ve been saying. It’s uplifting, inspring, and it’s truely a remarkable story about the power of art to transform lives. I sleep very peace after I watch the movie. The story makes me feel that I also can do the best for my life just like them.
After she finally able to help those children, Zana Briski–the angelic women, established the “Kids With Cameras”, a non-profit organization that teaches the art of photography to marginalized children in communities around the world.

We use photography to capture the imaginations of children, to empower them, building confidence, self-esteem and hope. We share their vision and voices with the world through exhibitions, books, websites and film. By linking with local organizations, we work to strengthen the children’s education and general well-being, providing financial support through sales of their prints or by developing our own homes with a focus on leadership and the arts (Kids with Cameras’ mission).

We can help them by buying their pictures. The organization now has expanded to help children in Haiti, Jerusalem, and Cairo. You can see and buy their pictures in the official website below.

running puja
Go to bornintobrothels.com

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In 22 December, we have celebrated Mother’s Day.
Have you given a present for your mother? I got very confused of what should I be preparing for this year’s mother’s day 🙂

Finally, I didn’t give anything particular as a gift for my mother this year. Instead, I made her a food called “ONDE-ONDE”. *actually, we made it together at 21 December midnight ;)*

The traditional “Onde-Onde” is small sticky balls (like a meat ball) made of flour which are eaten together with a Java Sugar’s melted in boiled water (it’ll result in a brown liquid soup). It can be filled with peanuts or durian in the middle of it (any flavour you like), and the balls can be made in lots of colours. We can also add some ginger in the soup to warm up our body. I forgot the picture, I’ll upload it later 😉

This food is a traditional culture of Chinese on Mother’s Day. On the making, we should prepare two pairs of chopsticks, two oranges, and two candles to put on the table. It symbolizes a harmony in the family (in chinese phrase : tuen tuen yuan yuan).

Next, I helped my cousin to prepare the Christmas’ Tree at his house.

 christmas tree we made together

 Yupz..We did a nice job, didn’t we? 😉


Nice quote by one of my friend :

Some beautiful moments in life…..

* lying in bed listening to the rain outside,

*thinking about the person u love,

*taking a long drive on a calm road,

*finding money in your old jeans just when you need it,

*giggling naughtily,

*holding hands with your friend,

*getting a hug from someone you love,

*the moment your eyes are filled with tears after a big laugh….


I wish you all those beautiful moments..

Merry Christmas 2007 !

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