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That’s the big question that can be answered by THE GENOGRAPHIC PROJECT, a result of a five-year effort by National Geographic, IBM, Waitt Family Foundation and geneticist Dr. Spencer Wells. I never knew such a project exists until today when I read about it at the December 2007 issue of National Geographic magazine. I get curious again 🙂 , and here are what I get so far.

The Genographic Project is an exciting exploration of your personal genetic background. But it also has a broader mission. If you choose to anonymously contribute your genetic results to the project database you’ll participate on a global scale—and help further define the vast scope of the human genetic journey (nationalgeographic.com).

I’m very interested in the project and wanted to know the results they have found so far. They have patterned the journey of our common African ancestor who lived 60,000 years ago. The mapping is presented in a beautiful interactive multimedia atlas. Click here to see the atlas, or here to read articles about the latest project news.
Now we can trace back our ancestors by doing test with a Genographic Project Public Participation Kit purchased at the Genographic Project Official website. We just have to swab our cheek and secure the swabs inside the transport tubes provided in the kit and mail the tubes off to the lab using the supplied envelope. It’s that simple, and guaranteed anonymous! Your results will be ready in about 8 weeks.


Genographic Public Participation Kit
Price: $99.95 (plus shipping and handling)
The kit includes the following elements:

• Buccal swab kit
• Multimedia DVD
• Exclusive National Geographic Genographic Map
• “Quick Start” card
• Genographic Project Brochure
• Self-addressed envelope
• Confidential Genographic Project ID Number (GPID)

Your results will reveal your deep ancestry along a single line of direct descent (paternal or maternal) and show the migration paths they followed thousands of years ago. Your results will also place you on a particular branch of the human family tree. Some anthropological stories are more detailed than others, depending upon the lineage you belong to. For example, if you are of African descent, your results will show the initial movements of your ancestors on the African continent, but will not reflect most of the migrations that have occurred within the past 10,000 years. Your individual results may confirm your expectations of what you believe your deep ancestry to be, or you may be surprised to learn a new story about your genetic background.You will not receive a percentage breakdown of your genetic background by ethnicity, race, or geographic origin. Nor will you receive confirmation of an association with a particular tribe or ethnic group.Furthermore, this is not a genealogy study. You will not learn about your great-grandparents or other recent relatives, and your DNA trail will not necessarily lead to your present-day location. Rather, your results will reveal the anthropological story of your direct maternal or paternal ancestors—where they lived and how they migrated around the world many thousands of years ago.

Your initial results are just the beginning. They are based on current science and may become more detailed and refined as the ongoing field research yields new information. Be sure to visit the “GENOGRAPHIC PROJECT” web site often to follow along as they post new findings and automatically update your results. Just remember not to lose your Confidential Genographic Project ID Number (GPID). Since you’ll need to enter your GPID at the website when you want to see the update of your result.

For more detail information, go to The Genographic Project official Web site.

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My cousin’s cat.


His name is Flexi. He has many many fans 😉


When he sleeps.. He’s so….





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In 22 December, we have celebrated Mother’s Day.
Have you given a present for your mother? I got very confused of what should I be preparing for this year’s mother’s day 🙂

Finally, I didn’t give anything particular as a gift for my mother this year. Instead, I made her a food called “ONDE-ONDE”. *actually, we made it together at 21 December midnight ;)*

The traditional “Onde-Onde” is small sticky balls (like a meat ball) made of flour which are eaten together with a Java Sugar’s melted in boiled water (it’ll result in a brown liquid soup). It can be filled with peanuts or durian in the middle of it (any flavour you like), and the balls can be made in lots of colours. We can also add some ginger in the soup to warm up our body. I forgot the picture, I’ll upload it later 😉

This food is a traditional culture of Chinese on Mother’s Day. On the making, we should prepare two pairs of chopsticks, two oranges, and two candles to put on the table. It symbolizes a harmony in the family (in chinese phrase : tuen tuen yuan yuan).

Next, I helped my cousin to prepare the Christmas’ Tree at his house.

 christmas tree we made together

 Yupz..We did a nice job, didn’t we? 😉


Nice quote by one of my friend :

Some beautiful moments in life…..

* lying in bed listening to the rain outside,

*thinking about the person u love,

*taking a long drive on a calm road,

*finding money in your old jeans just when you need it,

*giggling naughtily,

*holding hands with your friend,

*getting a hug from someone you love,

*the moment your eyes are filled with tears after a big laugh….


I wish you all those beautiful moments..

Merry Christmas 2007 !

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I’m so happy if I have this size of rabbit, so adorable! ^^ And oh.. what a feet :

Herman The German Giant Rabbit

Origins: The above-displayed photograph and accompanying information were taken from a 3 February 2006 New York Post article. The critter pictured is Herman, a German Giant hare belonging to German breeder Hans Wagner. The extraordinarily large hare weighs 17 lbs., measures 17 inches high on all fours, and stands over three feet tall on his hind legs.

According to the Post article:

To find out how unusual Wagner’s wabbit is, The Post contacted Six Bells Rabbitry in Arvada, Colo.

“That’s a huge animal. That’s amazing,” said breeder Michelle Jones. “In the States, it’s hard to get them past 12 to 15 pounds.”

How did German Giant get so big?

“I don’t feed him an unusual diet,” said Wagner. “He goes through more than his brothers and sisters, but he eats the same food mix. His favorite food is actually lettuce. He can never get enough of it.”

Herr Hare is unusual in another way, he noted. “Unlike some other rabbits I’ve had, he’s really a gentle character — a gentle giant.”

CBBC Newsround said :

Herman could be the world’s biggest rabbit, but Guinness World Records have stopped accepting entries because of fears people were over-feeding their pets.

German Giants do not exist in the wild, and have been developed by breeders.

They can live for as long as 12 years.

A similar photograph circulated in 1999 showing Bodmin, an 18-lb. Flemish Giant rabbit raised in Scotland:

Bodmin The Flemish Giant Rabbit

Said the Glasgow Daily Record of Bodmin:

Bodmin the rabbit is a big bunny — and we mean big. He lives up to the name of his breed, Flemish Giant, by tipping the scales at almost 18lbs.

That’s the average weight of a 10-month-old baby. And Bodmin is still piling on the pounds.

Michael Alford, 60, joint owner of the Sussex nature park where he lives, said: “People just can’t quite believe the size of Bodmin, especially when they try to pick him up for a cuddle.

“He has a massive appetite and polishes off a whole cabbage or cauliflower at one sitting. We even used him for a guess the weight contest.

“I can’t remember how close anyone got, but I don’t think anyone guessed too high.”

Bodmin is such a handful Michael has started to keep him away from other rabbits in case he crushes them.

But it is not as if he lazes around all day – he goes for regular runs around his hutch. The other park owner, Anna Chaplin, said: “He does get a lot of exercise. He uses his run all the time except when it is raining.

“We have only had him for a year but he’s put on so much weight. I have a job to pick him up.

“He has got a massive appetite and gets through loads of cabbages, greens, carrots and other vegetables.”

David White, secretary of the Flemish Giant Club, said: “This is probably a continental rabbit. They do reach sizes over 20lb and are bred for fur and meat.”

Most fully-grown pet rabbits would weigh between five and eight pounds, depending on the breed, said a British Rabbit Council spokeswoman.

Even the fattest, laziest domestic pet is not expected to weight in at more than 16lb, according to experts.

But Bodmin still has some way to go to become the world’s biggest rabbit.

That title is held by a French doe, who weighed in with the Guinness Book of Records 2005 at 26lb 7oz.

The articles above are from these sources :



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2nd Mobile Film Festival 2007

I will be writing more about mobile film festivals. However, first we should know about the pioneer on the concept of mobile film festival 😉


The first mobile film festival in France was held in 2005 and it’s anually. The concept is the participants are to make a short film (1 minute max.) with their mobile phone in 3gp video format and upload it at the mobile film festival official site before the deadline. There will be a month of voting opened to the public, and the winners of each categories are to be announced in the beginning of the next year.


Just as we expect from the very romantic home of exquisite arts, France. This festival is a serious festival with a panel of experts on film, music, and journalistic as the jury. Just to mention a bit : the President of the Jury is Jan KOUNEN , and the member of the jury are Leila BEKHTI, Paul DESVAUX, Geraldine NAKACHE, TÉTÉ, and Philippe VANDEL.


The competition has two types of awards, the one given by the jury and the one voted by the public. The awards given by the jury are :

`The Best Mobile Film (Prix du Meilleur Film Mobile). D’Prize = € 1,500
`The Best Scenario (Prix du Meilleur Scenario). D’Prize = € 500
`The Best Sequence Shot (Prix du Meilleur Plan Sequence). D’Prize = € 500
`The Best Actor (Prix du Meilleur Acteur). D’Prize = € 500
`The Best Actress (Prix du Meilleur Actrice). D’Prize = € 500
`The Best Mobile Technical Exploitation (Prix du Meilleur Exploitation Technique Mobile). D’Prize = € 500

And the award of the most voted by the public is PRIX DU PUBLIC, with prize of € 500.


The 2nd Mobile Film Festival 2007 has ended at 29 January 2007 and there were 38 finalists. The winner of The Best Mobile Film is “Le Virtuoseby Camille de Vitry. It’s such a peaceful and quite funny short film 🙂 The main character is a little baby playing on his flutes.. *can you believe it?* Such an EXTRAORDINARY baby, isn’t it? ^^;


However, the sound of the flute that makes it so unique, yet feels so intimate.


Nevertheless, Le temps passe by Yannick Aleksandrowicz also stands out of the crowd. The solo dialogue by an old woman speaking in France with a very heartbreaking background song, just makes me stunned. The emotion is so intense. The director has picked the right song.
*Btw, the beautiful song is a soundtrack of a very popular France film, “Amelie“. The song is titled “La Valse d’Amelie (Piano Version)*


Now, the 3rd Mobile Film Festival 2008 has started. The vote will be open in 8 – 29 January 2008. The results will be announced at the beginning of February 2008.


Watch the films of the 38 finalists of the 2nd Film Festival in the Mobile Film Festival official site.


ps : click on the films’ titles above to watch the exact titles only 😉

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I saw a TV show about what’s going on in Europe in this month of celebration of Christmas. In one of the overviews, I was attracted to one interesting event took place in Germany, a “mobile phone festival”.

Yes, I just realized how it is such a great concept! Looking at the rapidly developing mobile technology, from the mobile with only basic features of text messaging and making phone calls to picture messaging, voice messaging, camera and video, multimedia comprising messaging, Internet access, video call and even a GPS mobile that could guide you to the place you are going to. Just as quoted at one of articles about the mobile technology, “These changes are redefining people’s lifestyle and are opening up new frontiers, also in film making”.

In 2005, a mobile phone film festival debuted in France, and has expanding globally to Taiwan (1st Mobile Film Festival in Asia Pacific in 2005), Germany (EDiT Mobile Film Festival), and Japan (1st Pocket Film Festival in 2007 at Yokohama).


Part of the appeal of this type of work is that it is generated by one person or a small group of people working with inexpensive equipment and editing tools. MobileCrunch reported earlier this month that in the future you will control 25% of entertainment by 2012. Mobile phone entertainment generated by peer groups is predicted to become part of daily life. A film festival honoring this type of artwork is a well founded concept.

“The cell phone is an extremely personal tool. It’s almost part of your body,” said Jean-Louis Boissier, a French media artist and professor at University of Paris 8. “Half the world’s population owns a cell phone,” he said. “Art that comes from such numbers holds potential for historic change.”

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Artists : Kings of Convenience
Album : Riot on an Empty Street

I suddenly had this indescribable feeling when I heard the melody of the “Cayman Islands” coming from the TV at which my father was watching. I just rushed to find my KOC’s cd to hear it again. I couldn’t find it and I just HAVE to hear it again, so I looked for it at the internet.

I need to absorb the serenity mood coming from the melody and imagine the beautiful scene described by the lyrics… So I’ll not start to sunk back into the empty hole which has grown bigger inside me.


Through the alleyways to cool off in the shadows,
then into the street following the water..
there’s a bearded man paddling in his canoe,
looks as if he has come all the way from the cayman islands..

these canals, it seems, they all go in circles
places look the same, and we’re the only difference
the wind is in your hair, it’s covering my view
I’m holding on to you, on a bike we’ve hired until tomorrow

if only they could see, if only they had been here
they would understand, how someone could have chosen
to go the length I’ve gone, to spend just one day riding
holding on to you, I never thought it would be this clear…

And imagine …

The Grand Cayman

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Asian idol was held today on 15th December 2007, at Jakarta International Expo with capacity of 5000 people consisted of supporters from each country. *And a wife of one of the contestants, guess who’s ? ^.-*

Hey, here we go again 🙂 I’m watching it right now, so let me tell you what is going on at the competition 😉

The contestants are ;
1. Jaclyn Victor , from Malaysia
2. Hady Mirza , from Singapore
3. Phuong Vy , from Vietnam
4. Mau Marcello , from Philippines
5. Abhijeet Sawant , from India
6. Mike Mohede , from Indonesia

They have just finished their first songs, and I must say, each of them have their very own distinctive qualities. It is just hard to pick only two of them (we have to vote two of the contestants for the winner).

Jaclyn Victor, the first one to perform, was very entertaining, beautiful voice, and you can see her strong character through the For Once in My Life‘s song. Energic, indeed. She did a great job of opening the show.

Hady Mirza…hmmm.. I can’t say many about him, he’s just kinda boring for me. Maybe because of the song, “Berserah“. He’s quite cute though. Let’s see for the second song, maybe he’s nervous.

Phuong VyPhuong Vy!!!!

Why am I screaming??



She just got this innocent sweet look,

very entertaining and has a STRONG LOVELY voice.

She sang a classic soul song “River Deep Mountain High“.

It’s just fabulous!

No doubt, she’ll got one of my votes.

Mau Marcello sang a national song of Philippines, “Ako Nang Nagwagi“, by dressing in a Vietnamese dress. One word : POWERFUL.

Abhijeet Sawant, a very sweet man. He sang the very romantic song ever, “Everything I Do“. Makes all women in the world wants to kneel down on their knees for him.

Mike Mohede! The Teddy Bear! 🙂 He sang “Mengejar Matahari“. The best way to describe his voice was properly said by the judge from Philippines : “You have the type of voice that just make people…fall in love”. Yes, I’m falling in love with his voice 🙂

*Ok, you already got the picture, aren’t you? 😉 *

The second songs doesn’t differ much from the first songs. Some down comments for Jaclyn and Phuong Vy from the judges. Though by my opinion, Phuong Vy sang a very heart melting song, which is called “Loc Moi Yeu“, beautifully. Just like the meaning of the song, men will hopelessly falling in love with her.

Mau Marcello still got her extraordinary performance, while Hady Mirza still doesn’t give anything special out of his performance. Abhijeet Sawant.. * I kept doing copy paste on his name, too hard to write XD* hmm… He’s gorgeus… He sang an Indian song called “Junnoo” and dancing to it! Just as Paul said (the judge from Malaysia), “I never saw a person with a smile matches the song, it’s just beautiful”. Oh.. too bad he’s just married. *Remember the wife on the crowd? It’s his wife 🙂 ”

Mike MohedeAnd the last, yet the greatest of all, Mike Mohede. He sang “I Believe I can Fly” in his own version, and he looked a lot more relax than when he sang the first song. The crowd went crazy, and so do the judges! Indra, judge from Indonesia, praised him with two thumbs up! The judge from India, Anu Malik, said, “No. I don’t like it… I LOVE IT!!” Siu Black, the sweetest judge from Vietnam, said : ” You sang I Believe I Can Fly… and you make me BELIEVE I can FLY!! I believe YOU can FLY!!”

The show was unexpectedly satisfying! 🙂

Tomorrow, the result show will be air live on 9 pm at RCTI channel.
There will be the American Idol: Taylor Hicks, Australian Idol : Guy Sebastian, and other great singers performing at the show!

Just wait for it! 🙂


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Yes, the personal war between Indonesian and Malaysian has been going on for some time now. And somehow it just getting worse.

Started from  the  abuses of Indonesian housemaids by Malaysia’s citizens that has raised by numbers, to the ridiculous fight about who gets to right to patent a local food or some local arts, which originally from Indonesia but has not been patented yet.

Just makes you wonder, isn’t it?

Who started it? How come it grow to some individual war of mouth between Indonesian and Malaysian?

Moreover, there are actually exist blogs or forums or groups that consist of provocations and saying bad stuffs about each other (Indonesian and Malaysian).

I have a friend that just got overwhelmed by it. He posted this on the friendster :

OMG… still happenin? T_T

Tolong Flag website ini,
Website ini berisi blog dari
Malaysia yg menjelek-jelekan bangsa

Jangan biarkan tanah air kita
INDONESIA tercinta ini dicaci dan
dimaki seenaknya oleh bangsa lain.
Tunjukkan kalo kita adalah bangsa
yang besar dan beradab.

FROM ME FIRST!!!———————
why must we do this… why must be
this blog exist.. and indonesian
kaskus forum malingsia? why make war…
who made this at first.. I HATE WAR..
stop it!

site that provoke both side (indon,
malay) and make peace yo! Long live
STOP WAR! I bet this is only happening
because of one person or more and we
were provoked… for what? don’t we
got a lot more in mind (fixing our own
nation) rather than thinking these?

please forward this.. make peace…
it doesn’t matter who is right or

This guy is so right.
Please send this message to any forum or blog / anything that has anything to do with Malaysian and Indonesian war.

Don’t get provoked by anything like it. Somehow, it reminds me of the Iraq-USA tragedy.

Just stop it.

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The main reason is because we’re feeling insecure when we’re on a place where we don’t really familiar with. Unconsciously, our body react to it and your muscles become intense. You know, when you poop, you need to relax your below muscle (where poop comes out). So, it’s just psychological and it’s normal.

Another cause is that we usually have lack of fiber when we’re on holiday because we eat badly when we’re on holiday trip.

The best solution is : drink water regularly, eat enough vegetables and fruits during your holiday trip.


No, if you do that, you might gas at night on your sleep & it’s dangerous.
We produce half a litre of gas per day, and it’s natural. Gas doesn’t smells, but it’ll smell bad if you hold it too long, because it’ll absorb smell from the food on your stomach. Some food makes your gas smells though, such as eggs and oysters.

Make sure you do it on an airy enough room 😉

You need to check your blood pressure. Mainly, it’s because you have a high blood pressure. In case of African American people, they’re genetically inherited the high blood pressure disease. Oprah said, it’s started during the slavery period. Back then, only those that have more salt on their body could survive.


Yes, the best maximum volume is 70%.

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