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Dear …

I misses my blog..been away so long due to my works.

It’s almost Christmas and I still working till New Year (can you imagine that?)

Remembering..the time when I eagerly waiting for Christmas and all I want to do is to decorate my little Christmas tree. Touch up a bit there, a bit here, a bit on the top, a bit on the below, it’s just never boring for me! 🙂

Christmas should always bring a Christmas spirit! Malls, roads, houses are all decorated in red, green, and snowy white…Not to mention the “Jingle Bell” or “Santa is Coming to Town” songs playing everywhere. It’s just holiday atmosphere all around 🙂

I misses it.

One thing I have always wanted is to have a white Christmas. It is just cliche, but I’ve never had one *for sure, I live in a tropical country!:D*

Walking on the snow..covered by the soft snows raining slowly..Must be very peaceful and romantic ^^ Have you had one in your life? 🙂

Wishing you all a merry merry Christmas.. Always remember to have the spirit and joy in your life.

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In 22 December, we have celebrated Mother’s Day.
Have you given a present for your mother? I got very confused of what should I be preparing for this year’s mother’s day 🙂

Finally, I didn’t give anything particular as a gift for my mother this year. Instead, I made her a food called “ONDE-ONDE”. *actually, we made it together at 21 December midnight ;)*

The traditional “Onde-Onde” is small sticky balls (like a meat ball) made of flour which are eaten together with a Java Sugar’s melted in boiled water (it’ll result in a brown liquid soup). It can be filled with peanuts or durian in the middle of it (any flavour you like), and the balls can be made in lots of colours. We can also add some ginger in the soup to warm up our body. I forgot the picture, I’ll upload it later 😉

This food is a traditional culture of Chinese on Mother’s Day. On the making, we should prepare two pairs of chopsticks, two oranges, and two candles to put on the table. It symbolizes a harmony in the family (in chinese phrase : tuen tuen yuan yuan).

Next, I helped my cousin to prepare the Christmas’ Tree at his house.

 christmas tree we made together

 Yupz..We did a nice job, didn’t we? 😉


Nice quote by one of my friend :

Some beautiful moments in life…..

* lying in bed listening to the rain outside,

*thinking about the person u love,

*taking a long drive on a calm road,

*finding money in your old jeans just when you need it,

*giggling naughtily,

*holding hands with your friend,

*getting a hug from someone you love,

*the moment your eyes are filled with tears after a big laugh….


I wish you all those beautiful moments..

Merry Christmas 2007 !

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It’s almost holiday.
Next week, finally, I’d be able to strecth out my legs and get out of the campus-house routines *my thesis’s deadline is just one week away, God help me >.<*… for a REAL HOLIDAY! ^o^

Just by thinking holiday, my mind just go straight to my favourite country ever..SINGAPORE.
Singapore is one place I certainly know for having an extravagant Christmas and New Year’s celebration. Imagine, walking below the lovely dancing lights along the Orchard Road when it comes to night, the never ending Jingle Bell’s songs in every corner of the malls, and of course the SALE is everywhere! *yes ladies, when Singapore says “GREAT SALE”, it literally means CHEAPEST PRICE EVER!*
When it comes to New Year’s eve, there are two places you must be at : RAFFLES or MARINA BAY. No doubt, there will be lots of events or parties at the Raffles’s area and fireworks on both Raffles and Marina Bay.

You might be thinking, “What is so special about Singapore?”
If you ask me that, I’ll not stop talking 🙂 In my opinion, it’ll be this very ‘short’ list :

bus stop~ Clean air, makes my skin looks radiant in just one week 🙂

~ Exploring the country using MRT and busses just by tapping one smart card (Ez-link card) or just by putting a couple of cents into the orange payment machine (hm…maybe the colour has changed by now :p)
~ Very high-end stores
~ Unique underground malls (City Link Mall)

bycycles rammed to the fence and the traffic light~ The people very respect the laws
~ A very fashionable people in every places, each individual has distinctive style
~ The feeling of old China when you go to the local’s hawkers
~ The very integrated and high-quality hospitals *so nostalgic to me*
~ Bushes and trees are everywhere, and they are all taken care very good




center park apartment at Asu Road~ Clean road, clean rivers
~ Most of the local speaks English (Singlish), Mandarin and Melayu
~ Tall, clean, well-security apartments. Some apartments have unique architectures!
~ Cute cats (though it’s rarely to find them)
~ Cute dogs running with their owners in the morning and in the evening

a golden retriever & its owner - to far to see btw :p~ You can’t get lost just by asking people on the street when you’re going somewhere
~ The TAXI is quite expensive, but they’re professionals and the cars are comfortable
~ The ARTS & MUSIC events at the gigantic durian-look-a-like building, “ESPLANADE” (one of Singapore’s famous landmarks)





orchard road~ Spending the whole day at KINOKUNIYA bookstore in Nge Ann City (behind Takashimaya shopping centre), the biggest bookstore in Asia that sells every book you’re looking for. Most of the books are in English, Mandarin and Japanese.
~ Playing at Sentosa Island ( the Disneyland of Singapore )




road sign~ Unique road signs

~ Nice romantic parks
~ Watching birds and penguins at Jurong Bird Park
~ Eating delicious chicken porridge at Crown Prince Hotel
~ Watching the 10-minute dancing laser lights at Suntec City Mall
~ Walking around the wishing water at The Suntec City Mall and touching it while we wish for something, it’s fun 😉




NTU administration building

~ Visiting the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and National University of Singapore (NUS), they both are my favourite universities
~ Delicious HAINAM CHI FAN (HAINAM RICE) at Lucky Plaza
~ Interesting dialects of the Indian people
~ Relaxing cold breeze by the morning

~ Walking on the “underpass” (crossing the road from the underground)





Bookstore and signs in Changi Airport~ Clean tap water which you can drink directly from the drinking sink (they even available at the front of toilets in the Changi Airport)

~ Sophisticated Changi Airport

~ I can walk miles and miles away without feeling exhausted at all !

….annddd soooo many more! 😀

Oh dear.. I miss it very much.

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Christmas is in the air!

The decorations on celebrating its coming have emerged in everywhere. Houses, the shopping centers, and even at the admission office at my university 😀

Yesterday, I went to my newly wed friend’s house just to celebrate the baby born ^^ Oh I love the boy, he’s going to be a very handsome guy in no time! So cuteee… with his little hands and feet,  soft skin, and of course a very fat cheek! Oh my…. =TvT=

Ehm..anyway.. After that, I went to Mal Taman Anggrek to get picked up by my father.

What did I see?

Am I imagining?!

It’s snowing at the mall!

*it’s a fake btw :)*

MTA christmas decoration

The center of the mall has decorated to resemble the snowing forest. There is also a bear village, where all the huge bear dolls are wearing  santa’s costumes. You can see the deers too in the village 🙂

But hey, that’s not all. The bears and the deers will come to alive on certain hours to entertain the people at mall by telling you a story. The snow will come at that moment, along with a strong wind sounds as the background.

Beautiful to watch and it’s like having a fairy tale inside the forest, imagining that we’re actually at a snowing forest…. Very romantic and also adventurous.

The whole mall are also decorated as a Christmas Village! 😀 IT’S TOTALLY A PERFECT CANDID TIME! I love taking pictures there! ^o^

I’ve never seen such a decoration in Indonesia before. But I reckon it’s very common in Singapore and at the West part of the world. 🙂

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