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So Do You

Here i am. Feeling all romantic and full of words in my mind

I just have to let it out.

Not my intention to write this kind of writing in here. But let me.. For once. Or maybe more.

See the couples over there?
Feeling so excited since they are just married. Lovely honeymoon must be the very first boost 😉 *giggle*

How about the shy boy and girl holding hands over there?
They must be on their first date!
Who said we have to bang around on our first date to have a memorable moment with your bf or gf? Modern? Bull shit.

Dont u know, a little smile and warm hugs, or holding your hands together and enjoying the time would give twinkling sensation on your body! It rushes your heart and thus, your adrenalin.

Of course, a soft kiss on the cheek would be very sweet..!

And those? A man sitting near a lady, trying to be adorable and cool at the same time. His jokes aren’t that funny, if i may be honest, but the lady seems so tickled by it and laughing like she could never stop. Lucky man.

What else? The pretty woman over the block, sexy, a great cook, and smart, the guys are all over her! Well.. just like a magnet to each other, she is engaged to the best guy on the block (yes..athletic, rich, extremely smart, and humorous). Who’s the lucky one?

Wouldn’t be able to ignore the peaceful atmosphere around the wrinkle hands hugging each other shoulders.. Looking at the massive pictures of their big family hung over the wood-coloured wall. Sighing..laughing..reminiscing the old days…from the very first day they met, how their friends trying so hard to push them towards each other-which always failed. Until, they just feel it on a moment they couldn’t describe.

How they know that they love each other? We wouldn’t understand.

It is a special unique story, unique moment, created from the chemical substances that just mashed and mixed perfectly over the air around them. Chemistry. Pheromones. One over another can be only be matched, to their destined ones.

Timings. Situations. Decisions. Communications. Also to be considered.

Lovely ones…

You can and may just see it that way.

In reality,

Not long again, the newly weds will face the ugly sides of their spouses. Their marriage life depends on how they can cope and compromise to each other real personalities and habits. The period length? Their whole life, i reckon.

Girls aren’t always sweet. They have their hormones unstable during certain periods, which makes them quite like a drama queen. They may get super jealous, and super clingy to their boyfriends. It’s her first date and she has not known how a boy can be easily bored, and their next dates may not as sweet as the first ones. Boys are dicks (apologize for the inappropriate word). They will finally try their “luck” on you. You know it’s true, aint you?

Look closely to the man eyes. Whenever she laughed and closed her eyes, the man would try to catch the attention of another hot lady across their table. He stared to that lady quite often. And when the hot lady finally catched his eyes, they were flirting indirectly during that time. Using their gestures and eyes. The laughing lady wouldn’t notice at all, since the man had not stopped telling jokes to her and he kept his charm splitted to her all the time. How’s that possible? Ask him.

The perfect couples always attract people interests. Not to mention the hunting people. Nooot many good options out there, yes? Let’s just see how many hell temptations would be upon them… Will they manage to conquer them all? Or maybe.. just one of them that will manage to toss those temptations away.

Good old days.. Yes there were nice days. However, for them to have that peaceful atmosphere, they had to fight almost everyday!! BIG GIGANTIC fights!! Cries, divorce papers, money problems, in-laws problems, small and big affairs, flings, etc etc etc etc etc etc!!!


Do you.

Or do you?

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Dear …

I misses my blog..been away so long due to my works.

It’s almost Christmas and I still working till New Year (can you imagine that?)

Remembering..the time when I eagerly waiting for Christmas and all I want to do is to decorate my little Christmas tree. Touch up a bit there, a bit here, a bit on the top, a bit on the below, it’s just never boring for me! 🙂

Christmas should always bring a Christmas spirit! Malls, roads, houses are all decorated in red, green, and snowy white…Not to mention the “Jingle Bell” or “Santa is Coming to Town” songs playing everywhere. It’s just holiday atmosphere all around 🙂

I misses it.

One thing I have always wanted is to have a white Christmas. It is just cliche, but I’ve never had one *for sure, I live in a tropical country!:D*

Walking on the snow..covered by the soft snows raining slowly..Must be very peaceful and romantic ^^ Have you had one in your life? 🙂

Wishing you all a merry merry Christmas.. Always remember to have the spirit and joy in your life.

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Miss Indonesia 2009 logo

I recently don’t watch beauty pageants since I’ve seen that for these past several years,  there was not very much improvement in the finalists’ quality.

Tonight, I just clicked on the channel showing Miss Indonesia 2009 due to information from a friend. It was already at the top 3 finalist. The judges were giving a same question to the top 3 finalists. They were from West Sulawesi, DKI Jakarta and Bali. The question was:

If you were the Indonesian government, what would you have done should there was a condition of Indonesian workers having sent back to our country from abroad while in Indonesia itself was having a high number of unemployed people?”.

Finalist from Bali was the first to be questioned. Her answer was quite impressing, however she obviously looked very nervous, thus her answer was cut on the end since the thirty-second time limit was up.

The second was the finalist from DKI Jakarta. She was very impressive. Her English is outstanding! Nonetheless, her confidence and  calmness  during her answer has produced a very wise, knowledgeable and practical answer.  She answered that she would like to provide encouragement and quality enhancement on the Indonesian workers’ quality while exposing Eastern culture onto the world eyes. This answer has instantly caught my attention.

Then, the finalist from West Sulawesi was the last to be questioned. The answer was quite similar with the other two finalists, with specific concern in providing new work fields and to enhance Indonesian workers’ quality so there will be no need to have workers from abroad anymore.

In my opinion, DKI Jakarta has the biggest chance to win because of her impressive fluency in English, calmness, great confidence and her wise answer.  Those are important strengths if she were to be  joined in Miss World 2009 as a representative of Indonesia.

And guess what…She won! 😀

Kerenina Sunny Halim, the  dedicative  teacher for children of tsunami victims in Aceh, who was born in Jakarta on June 13, 1986, the sister of Indonesian actor–Steve Emmanuel, Diploma of six fields–Public Relations, Sales and Marketing, Primary Teaching, Economics, Performing Arts, and Music and Arts (rcti.tv), is now the official MISS INDONESIA 2009!

Karenina Sunny Halim Miss Indonesia 2009

Kerenina Sunny Halim Miss Indonesia 2009

She is going to represent Indonesia in Miss World 2009 held at South Africa.

Congratulation to her and wish her luck on the Miss World 2009! ^^ * I know she will be great ;p *

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The melody is sooooo beautiful~~ ! *teary eyes*

I recently fallen in love with a new TV Channel called DAAI TV. It’s not like other TV channels showing tv series with same contents over and over again just because the story theme is currently popular within the audiences, thus they can always reach highest rank. The worst part is they are extending shows that are having highest ranks although the content is very harmful to the society and “trashy” (e.g.: poor, weak women falling in love with “extremely” wealthy men, but the family is not blessing their love due to her social status and thus the women is being tortured in many ways).

da_ai_tv logo

DAAI TV is highly distinct from the others! It’s very educative and relaxing.

It has many noble shows such as “Reflection” (Refleksi), “Volunteer World” (Dunia Relawan), etc. They are categorizing their programs into several terms: Compassionate Relief, Health and Medical, Children & Family Education, Humanity and Culture, Spritual & Self-Improvement, Environment & Nature, Drama, Current Fair (www.daaitv.co.id).

You can imagine from their program categories what kind of shows they are making, aren’t you now? ;D

DAAI TV is originally from Taiwan which established and initiated by a group of Buddhist called “Tzu Chi“. DAAI TV means a great love, big compassions (DA-AI is a Chinese terms means Great Love). It was established in 1995. Da Ai TV has been upholding the principle and ideal of “bearing witness to the power of compassion” and “deeply cultivating the spirit of humanity” when producing programming of truth, goodness, and beauty. It is today a global satellite TV channel of choice, as well as a content provider of wholesome programming that serves viewers in every corner of the world (en.newdaai.tv).

When you are watching the channel, you will have a magnificent experience of soaking into high-quality news and precious informations of people around the world. You can see how lots of people are starting moving around their society to help people in need and also the mother nature itself. I just got very touched and awakened to know that there are so many sincere (and I mean, INCREDIBLY SINCERE) people. It’s REAL. It’s not a so called “REALITY” Show, even though it is just a script designed to feel like a real condition–knowing that present people are craving to see how others are living like (no wonder celebrity gossips are always having high view rank in many countries).

My favourite segment is around 7 PM – 8.30 PM. They are having different titles of TV Drama based on true story (mostly every 30 episodes) on 7 – 7.45 PM. The newest and my favourite one is “Melodi Kehidupan” (Shen Ming Yuan Wu Qi or The Melody of Life).

I love the soundtrack so much!! I never felt this excited hearing a soundtrack since quite a long time! The melody is so beautiful, sweet, fresh and very relaxing~~ can not stand not to share it with everyone I met! (literally!)

The opening song is sung by a talented 15-year girl named Guan Xin, she has a very cheerful clear voice ^^~

This one is a version of her doing rehearsal and recording.

The ending song is sung by Fang Ji-Wei. Her emotion is so reflected within the song..*gives me shiver*

Hopes you all having a wonderful day.. as I am now..^^

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There are lots of shrines in Japan, which dedicated to the Gods (Kamisama) they worship. Each shrine has a purpose. For example, we have heard about the Goddess of Food/Rice (Inari Kamisama) which is associated with foxes and statued as “Kitsune” (Japanese fox) at the Inari Shrine. Then we also know about the famous God of Delivery who is believed will protect the mothers and their babies along the delivery process, which associated with shiba dogs at the Suitengu Shrine. But I’ll talk about them at another time. I’m specially interested with one of the most unlikely shrine I’ve ever known, Tsuki Shrine.


Tsuki Shrine is a shrine for Moon God. Moon God is a brother of the Sun Goddess. They don’t talk to each other – hence day and night. The Japanese believes that rabbit is a messenger of Moon God which “brings happiness”. And so the shrine has statues of Rabbits within it


It’s located at Urawa-shuku, Saitama prefecture, Japan. To reach it, alight at Urawa Station, take exit at the West Gate and then walk about 10 minutes.

Additionally, there is a flea market that takes place on the fourth Saturday of every month in Urawa-shuku’s Tsuki Shrine (wikipedia.com). It looks like they sell various of products. There even has kimonos sold with a very bargain price! (see below pictures) I certainly want to go there once I have a chance! ^^




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This is almost midnight and the Chinese New Year almost ends …

    I keep watching the dvd my boyfriend lent to me. It’s “When I Met Your Mother: season one”, and I’m watching it since I was getting bad waves just A MINUTE after I decided to study my thesis. Now, it’s have been exactly three hours since the “bad waves arrival’s” minute. Nothing’s changed.

Hoooohhhhhhhh…. My thesis exam is on February 11th! Next monday!

I really need to study it! T.T

…..enough for my grumble…. let’s end the day with another positive waves *still trying to grab it ><!*


Wishing you all a healthy, prosperous, lucky, and great new year! 🙂

Gong Xi Fa Cai
Jiu ni men shen ti jian kang, wan shi ru yi, nian nian you yu

ps: the dvd is really great though, it’s hilarious XD

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The red light district at Calcutta, India, is one of places where Indian women and girls are forced to work as prostitutes. They are sold by their own family. It’s a business family. Dads and brothers act as the seller and negotiate with the customers at their living room. While the women/girls serve “the guests” at their own house. Sadly to say that, they are feeding the girls/women with the best food they have–even fresh meats, and dressing them in best clothes and lots of jewelry, just so the girls/women are attractive enough to the customers.
stairs The prostitution has been a culture in most families in 300 regions of India. It’s spread into the north and middle part of India, such as Bedia, Banchara, Nat, and Kanjar. In those places, the prostitution culture for having money has been going on for hundreds of years. It began when the south of Bedia and Middle India rapidly changed from prestigious regions to prostitution districts after they had suffered many lost in wars. Even the nomadic lifestyle of Kanjar tribe which initially depended on gardening and land ownerships, had changed. Since the women made more money from the prostitution business, the men were getting lack of their working ability. As for the Nat in the north region and the Banchara in the Middle India, there is a myth about women who gave their body in exchange for the generousness of the local men. That’s why the prostitution remains in the community.
Back to the red light district at Calcutta. There is a true story of a group consists of 9 children who’s very eager to learn how to use camera since they met Zana, the photographer from New York. Zana ‘auntie’–as the children called her, teach them photography and that’s the beginning of the freedom the children has been longing for. They captured everything in their neighbourhood, they pictured everything in every place they visited with Zana. They want to be educated, they want to be free from the brothels they were born into. They are all talented, and the pictures are fascinating. It’s just how they see the world. And from it, we can see their world. Pictures in this post are all taken by the children.
girl on the roof
man in the street
The documentary of those children (in the movie only 8 children included), the emotionally journey of Zana and her ‘class’ to reach the better living for them has gorgeously recorded in a documentary film called BORN INTO BROTHELS. Rich of colours, interesting story flow and lovely songs (I love the fact that they put some original Indian songs, the typical bollywood songs ^^). This documentary has won more than 30 major awards, and it’s an ACADEMY AWARD WINNER of BEST DOCUMENTARY FEATURE 2004.
Born Into Brothels DVD
Left to Right : Puja-the silly one, Suchitra-the quiet girl, Kochi-the shy one and also the very intelligent girl, Avijit-the very exceptionally talented among all, Tapasi-the brave girl, Gour-the sweet boy and is Puja best friend, Manik-the funny boy, and Shanti-manik’s big sister.
When you see the story, you’ll emerge to their life and you’ll feel that you know them well. The film is full of beautiful scenes, either sad or happy scenes. The feeling is so hard to describe… The emotion is so intense, you can cry and laugh along the story.
It just like they’ve been saying. It’s uplifting, inspring, and it’s truely a remarkable story about the power of art to transform lives. I sleep very peace after I watch the movie. The story makes me feel that I also can do the best for my life just like them.
After she finally able to help those children, Zana Briski–the angelic women, established the “Kids With Cameras”, a non-profit organization that teaches the art of photography to marginalized children in communities around the world.

We use photography to capture the imaginations of children, to empower them, building confidence, self-esteem and hope. We share their vision and voices with the world through exhibitions, books, websites and film. By linking with local organizations, we work to strengthen the children’s education and general well-being, providing financial support through sales of their prints or by developing our own homes with a focus on leadership and the arts (Kids with Cameras’ mission).

We can help them by buying their pictures. The organization now has expanded to help children in Haiti, Jerusalem, and Cairo. You can see and buy their pictures in the official website below.

running puja
Go to bornintobrothels.com

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That’s the big question that can be answered by THE GENOGRAPHIC PROJECT, a result of a five-year effort by National Geographic, IBM, Waitt Family Foundation and geneticist Dr. Spencer Wells. I never knew such a project exists until today when I read about it at the December 2007 issue of National Geographic magazine. I get curious again 🙂 , and here are what I get so far.

The Genographic Project is an exciting exploration of your personal genetic background. But it also has a broader mission. If you choose to anonymously contribute your genetic results to the project database you’ll participate on a global scale—and help further define the vast scope of the human genetic journey (nationalgeographic.com).

I’m very interested in the project and wanted to know the results they have found so far. They have patterned the journey of our common African ancestor who lived 60,000 years ago. The mapping is presented in a beautiful interactive multimedia atlas. Click here to see the atlas, or here to read articles about the latest project news.
Now we can trace back our ancestors by doing test with a Genographic Project Public Participation Kit purchased at the Genographic Project Official website. We just have to swab our cheek and secure the swabs inside the transport tubes provided in the kit and mail the tubes off to the lab using the supplied envelope. It’s that simple, and guaranteed anonymous! Your results will be ready in about 8 weeks.


Genographic Public Participation Kit
Price: $99.95 (plus shipping and handling)
The kit includes the following elements:

• Buccal swab kit
• Multimedia DVD
• Exclusive National Geographic Genographic Map
• “Quick Start” card
• Genographic Project Brochure
• Self-addressed envelope
• Confidential Genographic Project ID Number (GPID)

Your results will reveal your deep ancestry along a single line of direct descent (paternal or maternal) and show the migration paths they followed thousands of years ago. Your results will also place you on a particular branch of the human family tree. Some anthropological stories are more detailed than others, depending upon the lineage you belong to. For example, if you are of African descent, your results will show the initial movements of your ancestors on the African continent, but will not reflect most of the migrations that have occurred within the past 10,000 years. Your individual results may confirm your expectations of what you believe your deep ancestry to be, or you may be surprised to learn a new story about your genetic background.You will not receive a percentage breakdown of your genetic background by ethnicity, race, or geographic origin. Nor will you receive confirmation of an association with a particular tribe or ethnic group.Furthermore, this is not a genealogy study. You will not learn about your great-grandparents or other recent relatives, and your DNA trail will not necessarily lead to your present-day location. Rather, your results will reveal the anthropological story of your direct maternal or paternal ancestors—where they lived and how they migrated around the world many thousands of years ago.

Your initial results are just the beginning. They are based on current science and may become more detailed and refined as the ongoing field research yields new information. Be sure to visit the “GENOGRAPHIC PROJECT” web site often to follow along as they post new findings and automatically update your results. Just remember not to lose your Confidential Genographic Project ID Number (GPID). Since you’ll need to enter your GPID at the website when you want to see the update of your result.

For more detail information, go to The Genographic Project official Web site.

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In 22 December, we have celebrated Mother’s Day.
Have you given a present for your mother? I got very confused of what should I be preparing for this year’s mother’s day 🙂

Finally, I didn’t give anything particular as a gift for my mother this year. Instead, I made her a food called “ONDE-ONDE”. *actually, we made it together at 21 December midnight ;)*

The traditional “Onde-Onde” is small sticky balls (like a meat ball) made of flour which are eaten together with a Java Sugar’s melted in boiled water (it’ll result in a brown liquid soup). It can be filled with peanuts or durian in the middle of it (any flavour you like), and the balls can be made in lots of colours. We can also add some ginger in the soup to warm up our body. I forgot the picture, I’ll upload it later 😉

This food is a traditional culture of Chinese on Mother’s Day. On the making, we should prepare two pairs of chopsticks, two oranges, and two candles to put on the table. It symbolizes a harmony in the family (in chinese phrase : tuen tuen yuan yuan).

Next, I helped my cousin to prepare the Christmas’ Tree at his house.

 christmas tree we made together

 Yupz..We did a nice job, didn’t we? 😉


Nice quote by one of my friend :

Some beautiful moments in life…..

* lying in bed listening to the rain outside,

*thinking about the person u love,

*taking a long drive on a calm road,

*finding money in your old jeans just when you need it,

*giggling naughtily,

*holding hands with your friend,

*getting a hug from someone you love,

*the moment your eyes are filled with tears after a big laugh….


I wish you all those beautiful moments..

Merry Christmas 2007 !

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2nd Mobile Film Festival 2007

I will be writing more about mobile film festivals. However, first we should know about the pioneer on the concept of mobile film festival 😉


The first mobile film festival in France was held in 2005 and it’s anually. The concept is the participants are to make a short film (1 minute max.) with their mobile phone in 3gp video format and upload it at the mobile film festival official site before the deadline. There will be a month of voting opened to the public, and the winners of each categories are to be announced in the beginning of the next year.


Just as we expect from the very romantic home of exquisite arts, France. This festival is a serious festival with a panel of experts on film, music, and journalistic as the jury. Just to mention a bit : the President of the Jury is Jan KOUNEN , and the member of the jury are Leila BEKHTI, Paul DESVAUX, Geraldine NAKACHE, TÉTÉ, and Philippe VANDEL.


The competition has two types of awards, the one given by the jury and the one voted by the public. The awards given by the jury are :

`The Best Mobile Film (Prix du Meilleur Film Mobile). D’Prize = € 1,500
`The Best Scenario (Prix du Meilleur Scenario). D’Prize = € 500
`The Best Sequence Shot (Prix du Meilleur Plan Sequence). D’Prize = € 500
`The Best Actor (Prix du Meilleur Acteur). D’Prize = € 500
`The Best Actress (Prix du Meilleur Actrice). D’Prize = € 500
`The Best Mobile Technical Exploitation (Prix du Meilleur Exploitation Technique Mobile). D’Prize = € 500

And the award of the most voted by the public is PRIX DU PUBLIC, with prize of € 500.


The 2nd Mobile Film Festival 2007 has ended at 29 January 2007 and there were 38 finalists. The winner of The Best Mobile Film is “Le Virtuoseby Camille de Vitry. It’s such a peaceful and quite funny short film 🙂 The main character is a little baby playing on his flutes.. *can you believe it?* Such an EXTRAORDINARY baby, isn’t it? ^^;


However, the sound of the flute that makes it so unique, yet feels so intimate.


Nevertheless, Le temps passe by Yannick Aleksandrowicz also stands out of the crowd. The solo dialogue by an old woman speaking in France with a very heartbreaking background song, just makes me stunned. The emotion is so intense. The director has picked the right song.
*Btw, the beautiful song is a soundtrack of a very popular France film, “Amelie“. The song is titled “La Valse d’Amelie (Piano Version)*


Now, the 3rd Mobile Film Festival 2008 has started. The vote will be open in 8 – 29 January 2008. The results will be announced at the beginning of February 2008.


Watch the films of the 38 finalists of the 2nd Film Festival in the Mobile Film Festival official site.


ps : click on the films’ titles above to watch the exact titles only 😉

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