Coming Up

I have lost all of my energy, almost gave up, but miracles come when the time is almost up for me, and it always comes with my efforts, reminding me again and again that nothing is impossible whenever we put our mind in it, it just doesn’t always be from ourselves, it would come in many other ways.

Now that I am regaining my energy, I have to finish what I am here for, what I have found along the way that I must share with you.

I hope you will find this at the most divine time, I wish you all to find the happiness within you at this exact time.

Stay with me. We are always together in this. Our hearts are connected, just believe in that. Feel it.


When you have to see the world, there are so many options proposed upon us. Which path of life are you taking on?

The hardest one is, to make ourselves defending relentlessly upon what we believe into. But then, what if it’s wrong? What if we’re hurting one we love because of it? How is justice justified? In such a broken society?

We say, those people who done things for the sake of their beliefs are morons who had done so wrong without knowing it. But have you looked into yourself as well? Have you ever not hurt people or any living soul in your life? What have you done to fix it?

How in the world you know, that this is the right thing to do? When all the others are opposing you?

In the world of sins, an innocent will be condemned.

In the world of innocents, a sinner will be rehabilitated.

Yet, where in the world are we now?
It’s all mixed up. Justice is being negotiated all the time.

Pay attention.
And think deeply.


C’est la vie. Ce n’est pas?

It is the world’s centre of marine life, which millions depend on to survive. But overfishing and climate change are threatening to destroy this natural treasure. You can help—but there isn’t much time.

You can buy a cup of coffee, or you can save 75% of world’s coral species! You can pay ur daily parking fee, or you can save 6 of 7 world’s marine turtle species! You can get a haircut, or you can feed 120 million of people!

WWF has just launched a new program for saving the Coral Triangle. Above attractive video is the official video from WWF for the program.

This is a very amazing program, I just can’t  stop being amazed by how this organization can reach to the people in a very innovative way. It’s also make it so easy for us to understand what’s happening in the world due to our destructive behaviour, and how we can easily (or easier to) help to prevent it. You should learn more about the program by going to the link below (at the very bottom of this post). It’s very interesting and such a feast to the eyes as well …

Moreover, as I said about how WWF is so great when providing a program, you can also buy a spot or more at the Coral Triangle in order for saving it, just by going to the source link (at the very bottom of this post) . A spot is just US$5! How great is that?! 😀

It’s very simple to do, when you go to the link, find and click on “Save the Coral Triangle. Buy a spot now”. You will then be served with a google map showing the Coral Triangle areas, and there you can choose a spot to buy. You can buy by using your Paypal account or Visa Credit Cards/ Debit Cards. Remember, the more spots you buy, the more you can do to help it 🙂

Thank you WWF for giving us the chance to help the world! So that we can always live in harmony with the nature.

Btw, look at these people… I’m so happy and glad knowing that there are still so many people care for the world. Don’t you think so? :’)

Come, let’s save them.. together. There is just not much time left.

Source: http://mycoraltriangle.wwf.or.id

So Do You

Here i am. Feeling all romantic and full of words in my mind

I just have to let it out.

Not my intention to write this kind of writing in here. But let me.. For once. Or maybe more.

See the couples over there?
Feeling so excited since they are just married. Lovely honeymoon must be the very first boost 😉 *giggle*

How about the shy boy and girl holding hands over there?
They must be on their first date!
Who said we have to bang around on our first date to have a memorable moment with your bf or gf? Modern? Bull shit.

Dont u know, a little smile and warm hugs, or holding your hands together and enjoying the time would give twinkling sensation on your body! It rushes your heart and thus, your adrenalin.

Of course, a soft kiss on the cheek would be very sweet..!

And those? A man sitting near a lady, trying to be adorable and cool at the same time. His jokes aren’t that funny, if i may be honest, but the lady seems so tickled by it and laughing like she could never stop. Lucky man.

What else? The pretty woman over the block, sexy, a great cook, and smart, the guys are all over her! Well.. just like a magnet to each other, she is engaged to the best guy on the block (yes..athletic, rich, extremely smart, and humorous). Who’s the lucky one?

Wouldn’t be able to ignore the peaceful atmosphere around the wrinkle hands hugging each other shoulders.. Looking at the massive pictures of their big family hung over the wood-coloured wall. Sighing..laughing..reminiscing the old days…from the very first day they met, how their friends trying so hard to push them towards each other-which always failed. Until, they just feel it on a moment they couldn’t describe.

How they know that they love each other? We wouldn’t understand.

It is a special unique story, unique moment, created from the chemical substances that just mashed and mixed perfectly over the air around them. Chemistry. Pheromones. One over another can be only be matched, to their destined ones.

Timings. Situations. Decisions. Communications. Also to be considered.

Lovely ones…

You can and may just see it that way.

In reality,

Not long again, the newly weds will face the ugly sides of their spouses. Their marriage life depends on how they can cope and compromise to each other real personalities and habits. The period length? Their whole life, i reckon.

Girls aren’t always sweet. They have their hormones unstable during certain periods, which makes them quite like a drama queen. They may get super jealous, and super clingy to their boyfriends. It’s her first date and she has not known how a boy can be easily bored, and their next dates may not as sweet as the first ones. Boys are dicks (apologize for the inappropriate word). They will finally try their “luck” on you. You know it’s true, aint you?

Look closely to the man eyes. Whenever she laughed and closed her eyes, the man would try to catch the attention of another hot lady across their table. He stared to that lady quite often. And when the hot lady finally catched his eyes, they were flirting indirectly during that time. Using their gestures and eyes. The laughing lady wouldn’t notice at all, since the man had not stopped telling jokes to her and he kept his charm splitted to her all the time. How’s that possible? Ask him.

The perfect couples always attract people interests. Not to mention the hunting people. Nooot many good options out there, yes? Let’s just see how many hell temptations would be upon them… Will they manage to conquer them all? Or maybe.. just one of them that will manage to toss those temptations away.

Good old days.. Yes there were nice days. However, for them to have that peaceful atmosphere, they had to fight almost everyday!! BIG GIGANTIC fights!! Cries, divorce papers, money problems, in-laws problems, small and big affairs, flings, etc etc etc etc etc etc!!!


Do you.

Or do you?

Let me know

I’ve been telling that I’m going to thrive for my goals..

The truth is, I’m still in search for it. It’s still very vague to me.. Have you found yours?

I will keep writing what got me fascinated in here, and I wish that it will give something for the people reading it too 🙂

In the meantime, will you keep an eye on me and please let me know, from what I write, from what I tell here.. What I am meant to be in life?

I would love to hear your thoughts.

See you

Hi there,

It’s been a very long time since my last post.
You know, I write only when I found things that fascinated me, inspired me, or things that I’d like to share with you all. I stop writing means I stop having fascination or get inspired by things. It just lost.

Wondering what happened during my absence here? 🙂
Well,where should I start..hm..
Work, of course, held me up with abundant tasks and responsibilities endlessly. Not to mention the pressures and some slacks.

My new friend, a foreigner, told me that I’m a workaholic. That just hit me a bit, since even a stranger– well i mean not an old friend who know me very well, can say that! He reminded me several times and told things that had me start to relax and see things differently.. That’s the start which get me back in here. Writing again. Meaning that I’m inspired again 🙂 Thank “you”.

Have you read my recent post? I lost my youngest rabbit, popo. He was a Hotot, having a very cute black eyes framed with a perfect, exquisite black eyeliner (it’s his natural fur colour around his eyes). He died when I was working late. I did find him very strange in the morning. He got very sensitive and looked very scared. I knew that it was a very dangerous sign of a very sick rabbit. I got extremely worried of him. But still, I hesitated a bit, then I tried to calm him down with gentle massages on his chubby cheeks, his fast-moving little nose, small ears, and his lower neck. He always loved it..and it did calm him down. I knew it when he licked me and making gestures by his head, as if he asking for more massages. I, however, decided to rush to the office coz I already late. I regret it the most. Maybe, if I had stayed and taken him to the doctor, he would have lived.

I was crying for three days.. I couldn’t eat. I would sneak to my car during lunch so I could burst out the tears I’d been holding in. The break time was enough for my swollen eyes to heal before I could get back in for work like nothing had happened. I didn’t eat so I got quite sick..but I still managed to work. And I always able to smile, thank God. Only I knew how bad my condition was, even when my leader at work asking why I didn’t come to the office one day, I just said that I was not sick, that I just not feeling well. The truth was, I didn’t even able to wake up from bed. Too bad, the day I back in, I got shouted and pointed as an irresponsible team member. I didn’t care. What they see in me just a worker that must do all the works no matter what.

I did find a true friend amongst the others, who trusts me and treat me as who I am, who is genuine and not demanding.

I have being faced with lots of problems in a very short time, either personally, family, romantically, friends, works, etc.. Yet, those have made me grown up a lot. I’m fatigued, of course. But it’s been leading me to my goals.

Little by little, I knew what I must do to prepare my goals. More importantly, I know, even in the most horrible days, that “all izz well”.

Thank you for reading.. 🙂

Walking on the snow

Dear …

I misses my blog..been away so long due to my works.

It’s almost Christmas and I still working till New Year (can you imagine that?)

Remembering..the time when I eagerly waiting for Christmas and all I want to do is to decorate my little Christmas tree. Touch up a bit there, a bit here, a bit on the top, a bit on the below, it’s just never boring for me! 🙂

Christmas should always bring a Christmas spirit! Malls, roads, houses are all decorated in red, green, and snowy white…Not to mention the “Jingle Bell” or “Santa is Coming to Town” songs playing everywhere. It’s just holiday atmosphere all around 🙂

I misses it.

One thing I have always wanted is to have a white Christmas. It is just cliche, but I’ve never had one *for sure, I live in a tropical country!:D*

Walking on the snow..covered by the soft snows raining slowly..Must be very peaceful and romantic ^^ Have you had one in your life? 🙂

Wishing you all a merry merry Christmas.. Always remember to have the spirit and joy in your life.

Little one

dear my little one…

did it hurt?
did you cry?
did you seek for your mom?

i haven’t given anything enough for you..

did you hate us?

i wish i was there for you..

i promise, you will always be remembered.

you are my greatest happiness..and my greatest sadness..

my kiss and love for you
..and also from the entire family

we miss you .. so much

have a pleasant journey..

good bye

6 Aug 2009 - 10 Aug 2009

6 Aug 2009 - 10 Aug 2009

Last Stand for MJ

Michael Jackson is dead. The most controversial King of Pop sang it last song on the final rehearsal he had for his concert, “This Is It”. It was unbelievable. How can a King of Pop died so suddenly?! I don’t believe it until the funeral is actually proceed… Oh my God, it is real.

Just as the title of his never-going-to-be concert, this is it…it is now his time to rest. God has taken his restless soul to His side, so that he can finally have the 8-hours sleep. As Michael always wishes for…

Sleep tight, Dear MJ…

Los Angeles, USA.

Michael-Jackson-black fedora

Michael Joseph Jackson (29 August 1958 – 26 June 2009) aka MJ is resting at Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Los Angeles, USA, besides his grandmother’s grave. Forest Lawn was built on 1906, and it is specially designed as a non-profit and non-scary moratorium. Such a perfect place for him to rest—other than the Neverland of course, since it is such a beautiful and peaceful place. Sadly, he was buried without his brain. It was because of the autopsy process by the police has not completed yet, even until now when this blog is published.

His funeral and the mega tribute for him were started on 10.00 AM (Los Angeles time), July 7th, 2009, at Staples Center, LA, USA.

The stars were attending the tribute for Michael Jackson—Usher, Brooke Shields, Mariah Carey, Smokey Robinson, Jennifer Hudson, Lionel Richie, Stevie Wonders, and many more. Nelson Mandela and Diana Ross only sent condolence letters that were read by Smokey Robinson. Elizabeth Taylor and Debie Rowe were also not present. Elizabeth Taylor said, “Michael wouldn’t want me to share grieve with the other millions people”. Debie Rowe, Michael’s second wife, was telling that she would not interrupt the ceremony with her presence, so that the main attention would still and only Michael himself.

After the letters from Nelson Mandela and Diana Ross being read, the stage was very silent. Then, finally, a song was sung by Andrea Crouch Choir along the arrival of MJ’s coffin in front of the stage. The crowd was hysteric and calling his name in mourn.

Pastor Lucious Smith was the one who gave the first speech.

“..is gone to soon”.

Mariah Carey was singing I’ll Be There, a duet with Trey Lorenz.

“We miss you”.

Queen Latifah then, gave her speech and dedicated a poem of Michael Angelo.

“We are missing Michael Jackson. But we know that we have him. We are the world”.

Lionel Richie then sang a song and followed by a speech of Gerry Gordy, the Motown founder.

“The more I think of Michael Jackson, I think that King of Pop is not enough for him. I think that he is just simply…he is just simply, the greatest entertainer that ever lived”.

After footages of MJ’s flashback, Stevie Wonder was singing with his piano. The sound was very heartbreaking, accompanied by a background of a bluish picture of MJ’s sitting relax on a chair with his handsome style. The image was so profounding.

“I love you, and I have said it many times”.

Kobe Bryant and Magic Johnson, famous basketball players that were close with him, were giving speech respectively.

“This is a celebration of his life, of his legacy”.

American Idol winner, Jennifer Hudson, sang Will You Be There. Pastor Al Sharpton with his powerful speech was telling that Michael Jackson was the one who had changed the world.

“He opened up the whole new world. Michael never stop! Michael never stop! Michael never stop!”.

John Mayer was playing Human Nature with only his guitar. He was not singing, but the sound from his guitar was very … *sob*
Then it comes to the most special person, the very special friend of MJ—Brooke Shields. Her feeling to MJ is very strong, I can not hold my tears no more when I heard her story of the other side of MJ. The childish, sensitive, caring, humourous and loving MJ. He just loved to laugh, she said.

“MJ’s laugh was the sweetest and the purest laugh I’ve ever heard”.

“His favourite song was not one of his masterpieces. It was a song written by Charlie Chaplin called Smile. There is a passage that saying smile although your heart is aching…”

Even though our hearts are aching now…Let’s smile for him.

A single spotlight shines his place on the stage.
He will always live.

michael_jackson_with his fans


Your fans

What we are living now, is written from our past life..

What we are living now, is writing for our next life..

Let’s continue to step ahead and live present life in a good way..

Do not complain and regret what we have failed to do or gain, since it is what we earned from what we did-either good things or bad things.

Yet, do our best and be grateful for what we have 🙂