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The newest commercial of CLEAR shampoo is endorsed by RAIN, the rising star from Korea. I LOVE it. This is another commercial which gives a big impact to the audience. The “RAIN” commercial has given a fresh air to the brand, rising its quality image, and the sexy dance moves definitely will make every women hysteric. While men, with his natural desire to be adored by women, will want to use the product. Great job!

However, the commercial in Indonesia version has a flaw. Very fair, but it instantly caught my attention. If we pay attention to the scenes which show the Clear product, you’ll see that the shampoo is clearly made by 3D. It looks rough and moves awkwardly. I think it’s because the packaging or the label of the product in Indonesia is different from the original one.

i breath..
i move…
i sweat..
with the world watching…
my hair..
my clothes..
i like black..
black is confident…
black looks good..
looking good means no dandruff
confidence means no dandruff
clear means no dandruff
i trust clear..
dandruff never comes back

my name is RAIN…

Below is the original version of the commercial:

Agency             : LOWE worldwide
Production of : Metaphor art, science, and magic
Duration         : 60 seconds

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“Are you sitting comfortably?”

“The next episode is about to begin.”

“In the next episode, nobody will talk”

“Everybody, will sing”

“You can score, from anywhere”

“The next episode will not return after this commercial break”

” . . . . . . . ”

“A little hush, please…”

“…the next episode is about to begin. ”


And it went quietly. (more…)

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