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Hi there,

It’s been a very long time since my last post.
You know, I write only when I found things that fascinated me, inspired me, or things that I’d like to share with you all. I stop writing means I stop having fascination or get inspired by things. It just lost.

Wondering what happened during my absence here? πŸ™‚
Well,where should I start..hm..
Work, of course, held me up with abundant tasks and responsibilities endlessly. Not to mention the pressures and some slacks.

My new friend, a foreigner, told me that I’m a workaholic. That just hit me a bit, since even a stranger– well i mean not an old friend who know me very well, can say that! He reminded me several times and told things that had me start to relax and see things differently.. That’s the start which get me back in here. Writing again. Meaning that I’m inspired again πŸ™‚ Thank “you”.

Have you read my recent post? I lost my youngest rabbit, popo. He was a Hotot, having a very cute black eyes framed with a perfect, exquisite black eyeliner (it’s his natural fur colour around his eyes). He died when I was working late. I did find him very strange in the morning. He got very sensitive and looked very scared. I knew that it was a very dangerous sign of a very sick rabbit. I got extremely worried of him. But still, I hesitated a bit, then I tried to calm him down with gentle massages on his chubby cheeks, his fast-moving little nose, small ears, and his lower neck. He always loved it..and it did calm him down. I knew it when he licked me and making gestures by his head, as if he asking for more massages. I, however, decided to rush to the office coz I already late. I regret it the most. Maybe, if I had stayed and taken him to the doctor, he would have lived.

I was crying for three days.. I couldn’t eat. I would sneak to my car during lunch so I could burst out the tears I’d been holding in. The break time was enough for my swollen eyes to heal before I could get back in for work like nothing had happened. I didn’t eat so I got quite sick..but I still managed to work. And I always able to smile, thank God. Only I knew how bad my condition was, even when my leader at work asking why I didn’t come to the office one day, I just said that I was not sick, that I just not feeling well. The truth was, I didn’t even able to wake up from bed. Too bad, the day I back in, I got shouted and pointed as an irresponsible team member. I didn’t care. What they see in me just a worker that must do all the works no matter what.

I did find a true friend amongst the others, who trusts me and treat me as who I am, who is genuine and not demanding.

I have being faced with lots of problems in a very short time, either personally, family, romantically, friends, works, etc.. Yet, those have made me grown up a lot. I’m fatigued, of course. But it’s been leading me to my goals.

Little by little, I knew what I must do to prepare my goals. More importantly, I know, even in the most horrible days, that “all izz well”.

Thank you for reading.. πŸ™‚

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