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The very grand series of Discovery Channel ever made!
From ants to the biggest organism on earth, this will be our most precious moment to watch the life on earth. The shoot took 5 years, taken on 204 places, in 60 countries, by 40 highly-skilled cameramen.


Most of the scenes have never been captured on film before. Have you seen the “Inconvenience Truth” by Al Gore? On that documentation, there is an animation scene of a polar bear swimming miles and miles away trying to find a block of ice to stand on. Now, in this Planet Earth series, you’ll finally see the REAL SCENE of it. It’s a heartbroken moment to watch indeed. But that’s the art of it, you’ll feel very intimate with the animals.




polar bear swimming

You just like experiencing the moment itself, together with them.
After seeing the series, you’ll fall in love with our planet and begin to respect more for it!


Beautifully captured, rarest moments ever seen, rarest organism you ever see.
This is our planet earth.

Experience Earth as never before with groundbreaking footage of our planet and its wildlife (bbc.co.uk).

The series has ended since April 2007 on TV and now available in the DVD.


Or find out about Planet Earth repeats on all BBC channels at What’s On.
They also made the book of Planet Earth, now available at the bookstores.

If you want to know more of it, go to Discovery.com

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