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I saw a TV show about what’s going on in Europe in this month of celebration of Christmas. In one of the overviews, I was attracted to one interesting event took place in Germany, a “mobile phone festival”.

Yes, I just realized how it is such a great concept! Looking at the rapidly developing mobile technology, from the mobile with only basic features of text messaging and making phone calls to picture messaging, voice messaging, camera and video, multimedia comprising messaging, Internet access, video call and even a GPS mobile that could guide you to the place you are going to. Just as quoted at one of articles about the mobile technology, “These changes are redefining people’s lifestyle and are opening up new frontiers, also in film making”.

In 2005, a mobile phone film festival debuted in France, and has expanding globally to Taiwan (1st Mobile Film Festival in Asia Pacific in 2005), Germany (EDiT Mobile Film Festival), and Japan (1st Pocket Film Festival in 2007 at Yokohama).


Part of the appeal of this type of work is that it is generated by one person or a small group of people working with inexpensive equipment and editing tools. MobileCrunch reported earlier this month that in the future you will control 25% of entertainment by 2012. Mobile phone entertainment generated by peer groups is predicted to become part of daily life. A film festival honoring this type of artwork is a well founded concept.

“The cell phone is an extremely personal tool. It’s almost part of your body,” said Jean-Louis Boissier, a French media artist and professor at University of Paris 8. “Half the world’s population owns a cell phone,” he said. “Art that comes from such numbers holds potential for historic change.”

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“Are you sitting comfortably?”

“The next episode is about to begin.”

“In the next episode, nobody will talk”

“Everybody, will sing”

“You can score, from anywhere”

“The next episode will not return after this commercial break”

” . . . . . . . ”

“A little hush, please…”

“…the next episode is about to begin. ”


And it went quietly. (more…)

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I love gifts

Gift is one kind of arts to me. People likes gifts, I love gifts! ^^
So fun to be given one, especially when it’s packed beautifully.
That’s why I’m so excited when I’m packing a gift for people, especially for my beloved ones.

This morning, I’m making one for my friend. It’s her happy moment, so I have to make the gift very special too 🙂

Here is the picture of it :


If you want to make one like it , here are my advice : (more…)

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