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The heat has been increasing a lot.
I never sweat when just walking under the sun for around 10 minutes, but I do these days. And it’s not just a little sweat. Even makes my shirt all soaked up.
Some people around says, “now we sweat like a pig”. That makes me curious to find out how many degrees has increased in here.

According to the information from The Meteorology and Geophysical Institute, the heat in Indonesia has increased 1.4 Celcius degrees per 100 years in July 2007, compared to the data of average temperatures from year 1870 to 2000.
It’s really concerning since the standard global heating is only 0.7 Celcius degrees, which means the heating in Indonesia is twice from it’s supposed to be.

It will affecting the water movement. Extreme rain season and flooding will come to Indonesia.

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Making your own heroes

heroes’ newest heroine Kristen Bell is one of Heroes’ newest hero, now we can make our own heroes too *on Heroes Tv Show*! ^0^

Make a poll for it!

go to this link : www.nbc.com/heroes/

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The Best Rabbit Handbook ^^

I found one! This book is my favourite.
This is the best handbook ever for understanding your rabbit and how to raise it in the way that make it live happily with you, together in your house.

house-rabbit-handbook.jpgThe 96-page book is recommended by the House Rabbit Society and other educating institutions as well as the readers that have read the book and benefit from it.

    • Editorial Reviews (Amazon.com)
      Book Description
      The House Rabbit Handbook coined the term “house rabbit” and continues at the forefront of rabbit care and appreciation. Packed with the collective wisdom of bunny-lovers and charming, candid photos of their pets, this fourth edition keeps pace with a more knowledgeable and demanding readership. This revision includes updated health-care and dietary information, accompanied by diagrams and photo illustrations, and chapters on understanding rabbit language, choosing a rabbit, and safety issues. A new section includes revised recommendations for rabbit space and how to creatively integrate it with human space. Fresh housing options described here include “condos” and “Xpens.” Exercise and ways to encourage it is the subject of another new section, covering how the shape of an exercise area can determine whether it’s used, along with equipment and stimulating “activities” for rabbits. Also here are improved techniques for litter box training, bunny proofing, lifting and handling, grooming and bonding; behavior insights from expert caregivers; dealing with elderly, special-needs, and disabled bunnies; and much more.

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I always looking for a handbook of raising rabbit in the house. But I can hardly find one in the local bookstores.
Mostly, they only sell books about how to raise rabbits for their meat or fur, and not as a companion animal.


~ my friend’s rabbits ~

It shows how most of the people here in Indonesia have not seen rabbit as a living being that has feelings and unique personality, yet.
They still considered it as a soulless object used solely for human benefits.
Imagine how painful they are to live in a fully filled hutch,and not be able to move at all, not even an inch, for their whole life?
They are MADE to be soulless. You can see their eyes have lost their shine. Their eyes are death, same like the eyes of the people who have lost their minds or people who have lost their purposes in life.

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“Are you sitting comfortably?”

“The next episode is about to begin.”

“In the next episode, nobody will talk”

“Everybody, will sing”

“You can score, from anywhere”

“The next episode will not return after this commercial break”

” . . . . . . . ”

“A little hush, please…”

“…the next episode is about to begin. ”


And it went quietly. (more…)

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Traffic Jam!

This is absolutely annoying.
I’m on the car and got caught up into the worst traffic jam ever at Tol Cawang heading to Ancol. The highway police even told us to go out of the highway through Kapuk, immediately.


And here we are, trying to find a way out from the PIK along with other cars. You know PIK? If you are from Japan, you must be thinking of the Osaka-Kansai International Airport (KIX). (more…)

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I love gifts

Gift is one kind of arts to me. People likes gifts, I love gifts! ^^
So fun to be given one, especially when it’s packed beautifully.
That’s why I’m so excited when I’m packing a gift for people, especially for my beloved ones.

This morning, I’m making one for my friend. It’s her happy moment, so I have to make the gift very special too 🙂

Here is the picture of it :


If you want to make one like it , here are my advice : (more…)

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Hey.. I’ve just got home from wandering around the South with my friends.
My friends and I don’t exactly know the South area, and we lost our ways when we’re going to a mall ^^
*I should know btw..coz I’ve been there since I was a child. Well anyway..I’m not a map, and I’m not really good with directions ^^;*
It’s like a ‘road-trip’ (but in a small area within the town).

I love it!
Just like having an adventure, exploring (more…)

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Hybrid Cars

You want to be hip? And saving the world at the same time?
Well..hybrid car is the answer!
Hybrid car is basicly one of friendly-environment cars. There are still other bio-fuel and water-fueled cars (this one is still under development, I’ll tell more about it later).

It’s now a must have item!

I made a list of hybrid cars available at the market, so we can compare it before decided to have one 😉 *just hopes the prices would not hurt our wallets badly*

These gas-electric hybrid cars are available in North America (taken from eartheasy.com): (more…)

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Previously, I talked about the children in Ghana who were sold by their own parents to the fishermen that had made them their labors.

Now, these are some of the children’s stories taken from the same article I gave yesterday:


After her parents died, Esi went to live with her grandmother. But instead of caring for her, Esi’s grandmother and aunts, all 75 or older, decided to “rent” her into bonded labour for a small advance.

Esi was 12 years old when she was sent to a fishing village at Yeji. There, she worked long hours for the fisherman’s wife. Her chores included washing the family’s clothes and fetching water from the lake, which is far from the house. She also prepared food and sold the fish caught by the fisherman and his other trafficked children.

Seven years into her ordeal, the International Organization for Migration rescued Esi.

In accordance with her wishes, IOM helped the young girl into an apprenticeship. Although she was illiterate, Esi preferred vocational training over school. “Please try to put me in hairdressing so that I can earn a living in the future,” she said. Once she completes her three-year apprenticeship at a hairdressing salon at Mankessim, a town in Ghana’s Central Region, she hopes to open a salon in her community.


When Yaovi’s father got ill and died, his stepmother, who never liked him, decided to send him away. One of the villagers invited the 10-year-old to stay with him and attend school in a big city, an exciting opportunity he decided to accept.

However, his dreams were soon shattered. Instead of attending school, Yaovi reared cattle for his master, a man he had to call “father.” After two years of hard work he was sent to a new “father” in the fishing industry. He had to do heavy physical labour, like pulling large fishing nets and carrying fish and equipment.

Yaovi lived under difficult conditions, as is common among trafficked children. He usually got only one or two small dishes of corn with fish per day. He also suffered from heart problems due to overwork. But his master would beat him if he was struggling to perform his work.

Those years of forced labour are behind him now. Yaovi, who was rescued by the Ghanaian NGO APPLE (Association of People for Practical Life Education), will soon be sent back to his village. At 17, he will start attending school again. His plan is to get an education and learn a trade “to become a respectable man in the future.”

~ end ~

How do you feel about it ?…

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