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The melody is sooooo beautiful~~ ! *teary eyes*

I recently fallen in love with a new TV Channel called DAAI TV. It’s not like other TV channels showing tv series with same contents over and over again just because the story theme is currently popular within the audiences, thus they can always reach highest rank. The worst part is they are extending shows that are having highest ranks although the content is very harmful to the society and “trashy” (e.g.: poor, weak women falling in love with “extremely” wealthy men, but the family is not blessing their love due to her social status and thus the women is being tortured in many ways).

da_ai_tv logo

DAAI TV is highly distinct from the others! It’s very educative and relaxing.

It has many noble shows such as “Reflection” (Refleksi), “Volunteer World” (Dunia Relawan), etc. They are categorizing their programs into several terms: Compassionate Relief, Health and Medical, Children & Family Education, Humanity and Culture, Spritual & Self-Improvement, Environment & Nature, Drama, Current Fair (www.daaitv.co.id).

You can imagine from their program categories what kind of shows they are making, aren’t you now? ;D

DAAI TV is originally from Taiwan which established and initiated by a group of Buddhist called “Tzu Chi“. DAAI TV means a great love, big compassions (DA-AI is a Chinese terms means Great Love). It was established in 1995. Da Ai TV has been upholding the principle and ideal of “bearing witness to the power of compassion” and “deeply cultivating the spirit of humanity” when producing programming of truth, goodness, and beauty. It is today a global satellite TV channel of choice, as well as a content provider of wholesome programming that serves viewers in every corner of the world (en.newdaai.tv).

When you are watching the channel, you will have a magnificent experience of soaking into high-quality news and precious informations of people around the world. You can see how lots of people are starting moving around their society to help people in need and also the mother nature itself. I just got very touched and awakened to know that there are so many sincere (and I mean, INCREDIBLY SINCERE) people. It’s REAL. It’s not a so called “REALITY” Show, even though it is just a script designed to feel like a real condition–knowing that present people are craving to see how others are living like (no wonder celebrity gossips are always having high view rank in many countries).

My favourite segment is around 7 PM – 8.30 PM. They are having different titles of TV Drama based on true story (mostly every 30 episodes) on 7 – 7.45 PM. The newest and my favourite one is “Melodi Kehidupan” (Shen Ming Yuan Wu Qi or The Melody of Life).

I love the soundtrack so much!! I never felt this excited hearing a soundtrack since quite a long time! The melody is so beautiful, sweet, fresh and very relaxing~~ can not stand not to share it with everyone I met! (literally!)

The opening song is sung by a talented 15-year girl named Guan Xin, she has a very cheerful clear voice ^^~

This one is a version of her doing rehearsal and recording.

The ending song is sung by Fang Ji-Wei. Her emotion is so reflected within the song..*gives me shiver*

Hopes you all having a wonderful day.. as I am now..^^

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“Wonder Woman” is not just a title of Mulan’s latest hit song. Mulan Jameela, who was popular by the name of Mulan Kwok, is a wonder woman herself.

Her real name is R. Wulansari. She was born in August 23, 1982 at Garut, West Java. She was a cafe singer when Maia found her and ask her to join in a pop duo called RATU. RATU was a pop duo established by Maia in 2002. The group had switched member two times, leaving only the founder remained in the group. However, since the case about salary’s transparency occurred, which was triggered by Mulan, RATU is now officially dismissed. It didn’t end there. The fight between Maia and Mulan is continued and now affecting Maia’s marriage.

I am still very mad with Mulan because she is acting bitchy by taking advantage of Ahmad Dhani’s (Maia’s husband) interest in her (click here to see the picture of Ahmad Dhani and Mulan’s public affair). She deliberately ignoring the truth that she could be as successful as now is because of Maia.

Anyway..In spite of all of her mistakes, I still give my respect to her efforts as a single parent for her child. For me, a single mother is a very tough position, and I respect those kind of people the most. And, she’s absolutely talented. I just hope God will soon open her blind heart (also for Ahmad Dhani).

I love this song very much. This is the song that has struck me hard into the heart. The song is very energetic and the video clip is totally amazing. The song is telling about a women who’s always being hurt by his boyfriend’s attitude toward her. The guy always promise that he would never do it again, but the fact is, he always repeat it again and again. The woman is telling that her heart is not made of iron and steel, that it can be broken. And she is yelling to make him realized that she, is not his wonder woman.

Just listen to this song, guys… And hey girls, say it together with me: I AM NOT YOUR WONDER WOMAN!



by: Mulan Jameela

Kamu tipu aku lagi
Mungkin sudah ke seribu kali
Tak tahu kapan akan berakhir
Segala penyiksaan ini

Kamu tampar aku lagi
Dengan penyakit lamamu
Semakin lama aku pun bisa
Menjadi benar-benar gila

Reff :
Aku bukan wonder womanmu
Yang bisa terus menahan
Rasa sakit karena mencintaimu

Hatiku ini bukanlah hati
Yang tercipta dari besi dan baja
Hatiku ini bisa remuk dan hancur

Kamu paksa aku
Menerima cintamu lagi
Dengan segala tingkah lakumu
Yang membuatku bingung

Kamu tahan aku
Dengan logikamu lagi
Kau pikir aku akan mencair
Dengan rayuanmu…

Back to Reff



Below is the high quality video and enhanced audio version, but it’s just the half of the song.

Below is the whole video clip, but it’s a low quality video.

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soeharto, 2nd former President of Indonesia. Picture courtesy of www.antara.co.id
~H.M. Soeharto in Memorial (1921-2008)~
H.M. Soeharto, a former 2nd President of Indonesia, has just passed away today, at 01.10 PM, in Rumah Sakit Pusat Pertamina (RSPP). He had suffered breathing failure and another multi-organ failure since 01.00 AM and had to be 100% supported with machine in order to help his respiration until he died at 01.10 PM today (27 January 2008). His health had been in critical state since 11 January 2008 where he suffered a multi-organ failure. That time, there were only three primary organ failures, which are heart, lungs and kidneys. Leaving only his brain and digestion organ, that were still working very well. However, today all of his organ had suffered fatal failures. It is said that there were some bleeding inside and an imperfect blood system.
Soeharto in critical state at RSPP. Picture courtesy of www.brisbanetimes.co.au.
Soeharto in critical state at RSPP
He lead a 32-year of what-so-called the best government in Indonesia which refers to the high economic growth and politic stability, before the economic crisis in 1997/1998. However, his governance had fatal weaknesses such as hidden brutality of killing people who said or did something that was contradicted with his ‘instructions’. And in economic point of view, his governance had done too many deregulation according to IMF instructions. That actions have resulted into Indonesia’s economy heavily dependent on Foreign Loan and Foreign Investment. This reflected how vulnerable the real economic condition of Indonesia during Soeharto’s governance. And the problem remains in Indonesia until now. It’s the biggest problem that all following governments must solve immediately.All channels still giving updates about where the body of Soeharto is going to be placed into. For now, Soeharto’s body is placed in his house at Cendana street. They predicted that the body will be buried in Solo, Middle Java, tomorrow morning. It will be buried beside his wife’s grave, Tien Soeharto.

In spite of his flaws as a President of Indonesia back then and as a human being, he deserves our forgiveness. Anyway, he had given his people 32-year of good life and not being pushed to live a hard life because of too many price increase at all primary goods, like now.

“Thank you for your dedication to this country. May God put you in a place where you belong”.

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The heat has been increasing a lot.
I never sweat when just walking under the sun for around 10 minutes, but I do these days. And it’s not just a little sweat. Even makes my shirt all soaked up.
Some people around says, “now we sweat like a pig”. That makes me curious to find out how many degrees has increased in here.

According to the information from The Meteorology and Geophysical Institute, the heat in Indonesia has increased 1.4 Celcius degrees per 100 years in July 2007, compared to the data of average temperatures from year 1870 to 2000.
It’s really concerning since the standard global heating is only 0.7 Celcius degrees, which means the heating in Indonesia is twice from it’s supposed to be.

It will affecting the water movement. Extreme rain season and flooding will come to Indonesia.

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