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My internet connection is really bad this past week, I even can’t keep connected to the net for more than a minute. I’m still writing, but I can’t posting it since the connection is being so horrible.

I’ll try to post this short post instead. Hope I can make it in less than 1 minute ^^;

I’ve got some quick tips for some small problems we usually have in the kitchen πŸ˜‰

Refresh Those Soft Tomatoes!

When we put the tomatoes for some time, it gets soft. When it happened, here are how to make it hard and fresh again:
1. Pour some salt over the ice (prepare a bowl of ice, just make it enough for all the tomatoes you wish to refresh)
2. Fill the bowl of salted ice with water
3. Put in the soft tomatoes into the bowl
4. Leave the bowl in the refrigerator for 24 hours

No More Spilled Milk When It’s Boiling

Yes, there will be no more spilled milk when it’s boiling, just by butter the mouth of the pan where you’re going to boil the milk πŸ˜‰

ps: milk should only be boiled until it reaches 80 degrees of Celcius. If it’s past 80 degrees, the milk will lost its important mineral.

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Two days ago, my boyfriend bought me a DELICIOUS mushroom-fried topped with custard mayonnaise.

Mushroom-fried with custard mayo

HOW is it taste like? πŸ˜‰
Hm… It’s very crispy, soft, and quite salty.. you can feel the mayonnaise melting, right after it’s inside your mouth, and I think I tasted some cheese too…
I love it so much that I ate it slowly…slowly….slowly……….and I finally finished it after an hour and 30 minutes ^^; *well…I must admit that another reason is because it’s given from my boyfriend :)*

It’s one of Mr. Pucca’s menu. However, Mr. Pucca is widely known among the college students in my university with its french fries. You can choose the flavour of your french fries (chicken, beef, or cheese..if I’m not mistake).

The name “Pucca” is a name of a famous Korean’s cartoon character (you can see from the package). I’m not sure if it’s a franchise from Korea, or just another new business established by an entrepreneur from my university. Since it’s only sold across the road of my old-building campus.

In my country, food is a very popular business. Because we LOVE food. You can find hundreds of meters of restaurants or food stalls and they are always full of customers. You’ll never find any place with no place to eat. Indonesian, Sundanese, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Italian, American, Mexican, any kind of foods you want are available in here!

My cousin from German once asked me when he came to visit us, ” Why there are so many restaurants in here?”

Makes you curious? πŸ˜‰

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