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Flu -> quiz?

God, I hate flu….T-T!

Oh well..I can’t sleep, my nose completely blocked up if I’m lying down.. and so I’m forced to sleep by sitting? 😦 …sigh… help me…

Btw, since I’m not sleepy yet *well I hardly have enough oxygen and my nose constantly produce lots of liquid*… I kind of accidently made something from my tissue? Weird..how did it happen anyway?? XD


Can you guess what it is?^.-

ps: I strongly advise you to watch out of the virus *influenza*! Since it’s been raining on and off, and the weather has gone quite berserk these days…Eat some vitamins, don’t sleep too late *not like me*, drink water regularly, and wash your hands when you just got back home.

Stay healthy!


………sigh … T_T

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