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This motorcycle was mentioned at my strategic management class today. I’m quite curious about it because it is said to be a motorcycle with a dashboard lots of fantastic features -just like a car. It’s already known worldwide, but I’ve never heard anything about it until today ^^;

And I found this HANDSOME ride 😉

Gold Wing Airbag2008 Honda Goldwing Airbag

It’s only natural that a revolutionary machine such as the Gold Wing should never rest on its laurels, striving instead to redefine its class at every opportunity. The Gold Wing set yet another industry benchmark by introducing production motorcycling’s first-ever Airbag System. Proof once again that when it comes to touring, the Gold Wing stands alone at the top.


This, is the famous dashboard that has a navigator on it :


Navigation Gold Wing is all about exploring new places, and our new Navigation option makes that easier than ever. This new proprietary Honda Satellite-Linked Navigation System™ uses proven GPS technology in a fully integrated system that lets you view maps on a color LCD screen, and even follow step-by-step verbal directions via your Gold Wing’s sound system. A 2GB Compact Flash (CF) card stores all the information you’ll need to travel just about anywhere in the U.S. and Canada. Feature-rich and packed with options, it’s simply the best GPS-based navigation system on a motorcycle today.


And still more, it also has audio system! 😀



The Gold Wing has always set the standard for onboard motorcycle audio systems ever since it revolutionized the touring category with its first integrated stereo in 1982. This year, however, is truly special thanks to our all-new Premium Audio package, which adds rear speakers as well as a pair of front tweeters, a new tuner, and an external 80-watt/channel power amplifier to our already state-of-the-art system. You’ll be rewarded with clear sound at all speeds and yes, there’s still the auxiliary port in the fairing, as well as the option of adding a trunk-mounted six-disc CD changer.

The pricing is different for each colour since higher prices may apply for certain color schemes and premium paints, but these prices are Honda-suggested retail prices :

gold_wing_4_black.jpg Black : $24,349
gold_wing_4_titanium-1.jpg Titanium : $24,649
gold_wing_4_pearl_white.jpg Pearl White : $24,649
gold_wing_4_red_metallic.jpg Metallic Red : $24,649
gold_wing_4_dark_red_metallic.jpg Dark Red Metallic : $24,649


Oh dear, two thumbs up for Honda!:D

All information are available on Honda motorcycle’s official site

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