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Asian idol was held today on 15th December 2007, at Jakarta International Expo with capacity of 5000 people consisted of supporters from each country. *And a wife of one of the contestants, guess who’s ? ^.-*

Hey, here we go again πŸ™‚ I’m watching it right now, so let me tell you what is going on at the competition πŸ˜‰

The contestants are ;
1. Jaclyn Victor , from Malaysia
2. Hady Mirza , from Singapore
3. Phuong Vy , from Vietnam
4. Mau Marcello , from Philippines
5. Abhijeet Sawant , from India
6. Mike Mohede , from Indonesia

They have just finished their first songs, and I must say, each of them have their very own distinctive qualities. It is just hard to pick only two of them (we have to vote two of the contestants for the winner).

Jaclyn Victor, the first one to perform, was very entertaining, beautiful voice, and you can see her strong character through the For Once in My Life‘s song. Energic, indeed. She did a great job of opening the show.

Hady Mirza…hmmm.. I can’t say many about him, he’s just kinda boring for me. Maybe because of the song, “Berserah“. He’s quite cute though. Let’s see for the second song, maybe he’s nervous.

Phuong VyPhuong Vy!!!!

Why am I screaming??



She just got this innocent sweet look,

very entertaining and has a STRONG LOVELY voice.

She sang a classic soul song “River Deep Mountain High“.

It’s just fabulous!

No doubt, she’ll got one of my votes.

Mau Marcello sang a national song of Philippines, “Ako Nang Nagwagi“, by dressing in a Vietnamese dress. One word : POWERFUL.

Abhijeet Sawant, a very sweet man. He sang the very romantic song ever, “Everything I Do“. Makes all women in the world wants to kneel down on their knees for him.

Mike Mohede! The Teddy Bear! πŸ™‚ He sang “Mengejar Matahari“. The best way to describe his voice was properly said by the judge from Philippines : “You have the type of voice that just make people…fall in love”. Yes, I’m falling in love with his voice πŸ™‚

*Ok, you already got the picture, aren’t you? πŸ˜‰ *

The second songs doesn’t differ much from the first songs. Some down comments for Jaclyn and Phuong Vy from the judges. Though by my opinion, Phuong Vy sang a very heart melting song, which is called “Loc Moi Yeu“, beautifully. Just like the meaning of the song, men will hopelessly falling in love with her.

Mau Marcello still got her extraordinary performance, while Hady Mirza still doesn’t give anything special out of his performance. Abhijeet Sawant.. * I kept doing copy paste on his name, too hard to write XD* hmm… He’s gorgeus… He sang an Indian song called “Junnoo” and dancing to it! Just as Paul said (the judge from Malaysia), “I never saw a person with a smile matches the song, it’s just beautiful”. Oh.. too bad he’s just married. *Remember the wife on the crowd? It’s his wife πŸ™‚ ”

Mike MohedeAnd the last, yet the greatest of all, Mike Mohede. He sang “I Believe I can Fly” in his own version, and he looked a lot more relax than when he sang the first song. The crowd went crazy, and so do the judges! Indra, judge from Indonesia, praised him with two thumbs up! The judge from India, Anu Malik, said, “No. I don’t like it… I LOVE IT!!” Siu Black, the sweetest judge from Vietnam, said : ” You sang I Believe I Can Fly… and you make me BELIEVE I can FLY!! I believe YOU can FLY!!”

The show was unexpectedly satisfying! πŸ™‚

Tomorrow, the result show will be air live on 9 pm at RCTI channel.
There will be the American Idol: Taylor Hicks, Australian Idol : Guy Sebastian, and other great singers performing at the show!

Just wait for it! πŸ™‚


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Asian Idol will be held for the first time on 15th December 2007 at Indonesia.
Tonight, Indonesia will choose one person to participate at the competition.
Who is it going to be? While we wait, lets have a brief review about the candidates.

The candidates are:
1. Delon – 1st season of Indonesian Idol’s winner
2. Mike – 2nd season of Indonesian Idol’s winner
3. Ihsan – 3rd season of Indonesian Idol’s winner
4. Rini – 4th season of Indonesian Idol’s winner

Delon is the Josh Groban’s of Indonesia, nice voice but he’s not consistent in tempo and too much confident has been distracting him during his singing. He’s not a pro, just a good handsome singer.

Mike is a loving boy. People will always love him, especially girls and women. He’s a pro, but just for one genre. Melow-slow-romantic song is his specialties. Lack of energy, though.

Ihsan…..I think he was just very lucky to win the 3rd season.

While Rini…She’s the real pro. She sings rock, RnB, slow, romantic.. any songs! She’s very entertaining, has a great confidence, and the most powerful and beautiful voice among others.

Well, now on the TV, the result is almost to be revealed…..
Guess who?
It’s a male.
He’s the biggest of all.
He’s the loving one.
It’s a teddy bear!
…..hhehhehuuheu I’m just kidding XD

It’s MIKE!

I guess most of the voters are women πŸ™‚

He’s fine…*at least he’s a pro*
Hopes most of the voters on Asian Idol are also women.
Gudluck for Mike!
Make us proud, mikey!

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