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Happy World Environment Day 2009 guyz 🙂

Today, June 5, 2009, HOME — a film by Yann Arthus – Bertrand, start playing on 3 continents in movies, televisions, DVDs and internet.

It is an extraordinary beautifully captured movie containing stunning images of world exploration including famous pictures by Arthus-Bertrand along with informative texts provided by Good Planet team–a non-profit organization promoting environment protection.

HOME is exploring more than 50 countries, showing current environment conditions of each country and what factors will take role in the future. Watching this movie will contribute to WWF Indonesia. Let’s watch it to enrich our knowledge while saving our home 🙂

In 200.000 years on Earth humanity has upset the balance of the planet, established by nearly four billion years of evolution. The price to pay is high, but it’s too late to be a pessimist: humanity has barely ten years to reverse the trend, become aware of the full extent of its spoliation of the Earth’s riches and change its patterns of consumption.

By bringing us unique footage from over fifty countries, all seen from the air, by sharing with us his wonder and his concern, with this film Yann-Arthus Bertrand lays a foundation stone for the edifice that, together, we must rebuild (home-2009.com).

Watch the Movie here

Watch the Movie here

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The melody is sooooo beautiful~~ ! *teary eyes*

I recently fallen in love with a new TV Channel called DAAI TV. It’s not like other TV channels showing tv series with same contents over and over again just because the story theme is currently popular within the audiences, thus they can always reach highest rank. The worst part is they are extending shows that are having highest ranks although the content is very harmful to the society and “trashy” (e.g.: poor, weak women falling in love with “extremely” wealthy men, but the family is not blessing their love due to her social status and thus the women is being tortured in many ways).

da_ai_tv logo

DAAI TV is highly distinct from the others! It’s very educative and relaxing.

It has many noble shows such as “Reflection” (Refleksi), “Volunteer World” (Dunia Relawan), etc. They are categorizing their programs into several terms: Compassionate Relief, Health and Medical, Children & Family Education, Humanity and Culture, Spritual & Self-Improvement, Environment & Nature, Drama, Current Fair (www.daaitv.co.id).

You can imagine from their program categories what kind of shows they are making, aren’t you now? ;D

DAAI TV is originally from Taiwan which established and initiated by a group of Buddhist called “Tzu Chi“. DAAI TV means a great love, big compassions (DA-AI is a Chinese terms means Great Love). It was established in 1995. Da Ai TV has been upholding the principle and ideal of “bearing witness to the power of compassion” and “deeply cultivating the spirit of humanity” when producing programming of truth, goodness, and beauty. It is today a global satellite TV channel of choice, as well as a content provider of wholesome programming that serves viewers in every corner of the world (en.newdaai.tv).

When you are watching the channel, you will have a magnificent experience of soaking into high-quality news and precious informations of people around the world. You can see how lots of people are starting moving around their society to help people in need and also the mother nature itself. I just got very touched and awakened to know that there are so many sincere (and I mean, INCREDIBLY SINCERE) people. It’s REAL. It’s not a so called “REALITY” Show, even though it is just a script designed to feel like a real condition–knowing that present people are craving to see how others are living like (no wonder celebrity gossips are always having high view rank in many countries).

My favourite segment is around 7 PM – 8.30 PM. They are having different titles of TV Drama based on true story (mostly every 30 episodes) on 7 – 7.45 PM. The newest and my favourite one is “Melodi Kehidupan” (Shen Ming Yuan Wu Qi or The Melody of Life).

I love the soundtrack so much!! I never felt this excited hearing a soundtrack since quite a long time! The melody is so beautiful, sweet, fresh and very relaxing~~ can not stand not to share it with everyone I met! (literally!)

The opening song is sung by a talented 15-year girl named Guan Xin, she has a very cheerful clear voice ^^~

This one is a version of her doing rehearsal and recording.

The ending song is sung by Fang Ji-Wei. Her emotion is so reflected within the song..*gives me shiver*

Hopes you all having a wonderful day.. as I am now..^^

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2nd Mobile Film Festival 2007

I will be writing more about mobile film festivals. However, first we should know about the pioneer on the concept of mobile film festival 😉


The first mobile film festival in France was held in 2005 and it’s anually. The concept is the participants are to make a short film (1 minute max.) with their mobile phone in 3gp video format and upload it at the mobile film festival official site before the deadline. There will be a month of voting opened to the public, and the winners of each categories are to be announced in the beginning of the next year.


Just as we expect from the very romantic home of exquisite arts, France. This festival is a serious festival with a panel of experts on film, music, and journalistic as the jury. Just to mention a bit : the President of the Jury is Jan KOUNEN , and the member of the jury are Leila BEKHTI, Paul DESVAUX, Geraldine NAKACHE, TÉTÉ, and Philippe VANDEL.


The competition has two types of awards, the one given by the jury and the one voted by the public. The awards given by the jury are :

`The Best Mobile Film (Prix du Meilleur Film Mobile). D’Prize = € 1,500
`The Best Scenario (Prix du Meilleur Scenario). D’Prize = € 500
`The Best Sequence Shot (Prix du Meilleur Plan Sequence). D’Prize = € 500
`The Best Actor (Prix du Meilleur Acteur). D’Prize = € 500
`The Best Actress (Prix du Meilleur Actrice). D’Prize = € 500
`The Best Mobile Technical Exploitation (Prix du Meilleur Exploitation Technique Mobile). D’Prize = € 500

And the award of the most voted by the public is PRIX DU PUBLIC, with prize of € 500.


The 2nd Mobile Film Festival 2007 has ended at 29 January 2007 and there were 38 finalists. The winner of The Best Mobile Film is “Le Virtuoseby Camille de Vitry. It’s such a peaceful and quite funny short film 🙂 The main character is a little baby playing on his flutes.. *can you believe it?* Such an EXTRAORDINARY baby, isn’t it? ^^;


However, the sound of the flute that makes it so unique, yet feels so intimate.


Nevertheless, Le temps passe by Yannick Aleksandrowicz also stands out of the crowd. The solo dialogue by an old woman speaking in France with a very heartbreaking background song, just makes me stunned. The emotion is so intense. The director has picked the right song.
*Btw, the beautiful song is a soundtrack of a very popular France film, “Amelie“. The song is titled “La Valse d’Amelie (Piano Version)*


Now, the 3rd Mobile Film Festival 2008 has started. The vote will be open in 8 – 29 January 2008. The results will be announced at the beginning of February 2008.


Watch the films of the 38 finalists of the 2nd Film Festival in the Mobile Film Festival official site.


ps : click on the films’ titles above to watch the exact titles only 😉

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I saw a TV show about what’s going on in Europe in this month of celebration of Christmas. In one of the overviews, I was attracted to one interesting event took place in Germany, a “mobile phone festival”.

Yes, I just realized how it is such a great concept! Looking at the rapidly developing mobile technology, from the mobile with only basic features of text messaging and making phone calls to picture messaging, voice messaging, camera and video, multimedia comprising messaging, Internet access, video call and even a GPS mobile that could guide you to the place you are going to. Just as quoted at one of articles about the mobile technology, “These changes are redefining people’s lifestyle and are opening up new frontiers, also in film making”.

In 2005, a mobile phone film festival debuted in France, and has expanding globally to Taiwan (1st Mobile Film Festival in Asia Pacific in 2005), Germany (EDiT Mobile Film Festival), and Japan (1st Pocket Film Festival in 2007 at Yokohama).


Part of the appeal of this type of work is that it is generated by one person or a small group of people working with inexpensive equipment and editing tools. MobileCrunch reported earlier this month that in the future you will control 25% of entertainment by 2012. Mobile phone entertainment generated by peer groups is predicted to become part of daily life. A film festival honoring this type of artwork is a well founded concept.

“The cell phone is an extremely personal tool. It’s almost part of your body,” said Jean-Louis Boissier, a French media artist and professor at University of Paris 8. “Half the world’s population owns a cell phone,” he said. “Art that comes from such numbers holds potential for historic change.”

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