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Asian Idol will be held for the first time on 15th December 2007 at Indonesia.
Tonight, Indonesia will choose one person to participate at the competition.
Who is it going to be? While we wait, lets have a brief review about the candidates.

The candidates are:
1. Delon – 1st season of Indonesian Idol’s winner
2. Mike – 2nd season of Indonesian Idol’s winner
3. Ihsan – 3rd season of Indonesian Idol’s winner
4. Rini – 4th season of Indonesian Idol’s winner

Delon is the Josh Groban’s of Indonesia, nice voice but he’s not consistent in tempo and too much confident has been distracting him during his singing. He’s not a pro, just a good handsome singer.

Mike is a loving boy. People will always love him, especially girls and women. He’s a pro, but just for one genre. Melow-slow-romantic song is his specialties. Lack of energy, though.

Ihsan…..I think he was just very lucky to win the 3rd season.

While Rini…She’s the real pro. She sings rock, RnB, slow, romantic.. any songs! She’s very entertaining, has a great confidence, and the most powerful and beautiful voice among others.

Well, now on the TV, the result is almost to be revealed…..
Guess who?
It’s a male.
He’s the biggest of all.
He’s the loving one.
It’s a teddy bear!
…..hhehhehuuheu I’m just kidding XD

It’s MIKE!

I guess most of the voters are women 🙂

He’s fine…*at least he’s a pro*
Hopes most of the voters on Asian Idol are also women.
Gudluck for Mike!
Make us proud, mikey!

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