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It is the world’s centre of marine life, which millions depend on to survive. But overfishing and climate change are threatening to destroy this natural treasure. You can help—but there isn’t much time.

You can buy a cup of coffee, or you can save 75% of world’s coral species! You can pay ur daily parking fee, or you can save 6 of 7 world’s marine turtle species! You can get a haircut, or you can feed 120 million of people!

WWF has just launched a new program for saving the Coral Triangle. Above attractive video is the official video from WWF for the program.

This is a very amazing program, I just can’t  stop being amazed by how this organization can reach to the people in a very innovative way. It’s also make it so easy for us to understand what’s happening in the world due to our destructive behaviour, and how we can easily (or easier to) help to prevent it. You should learn more about the program by going to the link below (at the very bottom of this post). It’s very interesting and such a feast to the eyes as well …

Moreover, as I said about how WWF is so great when providing a program, you can also buy a spot or more at the Coral Triangle in order for saving it, just by going to the source link (at the very bottom of this post) . A spot is just US$5! How great is that?! 😀

It’s very simple to do, when you go to the link, find and click on “Save the Coral Triangle. Buy a spot now”. You will then be served with a google map showing the Coral Triangle areas, and there you can choose a spot to buy. You can buy by using your Paypal account or Visa Credit Cards/ Debit Cards. Remember, the more spots you buy, the more you can do to help it 🙂

Thank you WWF for giving us the chance to help the world! So that we can always live in harmony with the nature.

Btw, look at these people… I’m so happy and glad knowing that there are still so many people care for the world. Don’t you think so? :’)

Come, let’s save them.. together. There is just not much time left.

Source: http://mycoraltriangle.wwf.or.id

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