Last Stand for MJ

Michael Jackson is dead. The most controversial King of Pop sang it last song on the final rehearsal he had for his concert, “This Is It”. It was unbelievable. How can a King of Pop died so suddenly?! I don’t believe it until the funeral is actually proceed… Oh my God, it is real.

Just as the title of his never-going-to-be concert, this is it…it is now his time to rest. God has taken his restless soul to His side, so that he can finally have the 8-hours sleep. As Michael always wishes for…

Sleep tight, Dear MJ…

Los Angeles, USA.

Michael-Jackson-black fedora

Michael Joseph Jackson (29 August 1958 – 26 June 2009) aka MJ is resting at Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Los Angeles, USA, besides his grandmother’s grave. Forest Lawn was built on 1906, and it is specially designed as a non-profit and non-scary moratorium. Such a perfect place for him to rest—other than the Neverland of course, since it is such a beautiful and peaceful place. Sadly, he was buried without his brain. It was because of the autopsy process by the police has not completed yet, even until now when this blog is published.

His funeral and the mega tribute for him were started on 10.00 AM (Los Angeles time), July 7th, 2009, at Staples Center, LA, USA.

The stars were attending the tribute for Michael Jackson—Usher, Brooke Shields, Mariah Carey, Smokey Robinson, Jennifer Hudson, Lionel Richie, Stevie Wonders, and many more. Nelson Mandela and Diana Ross only sent condolence letters that were read by Smokey Robinson. Elizabeth Taylor and Debie Rowe were also not present. Elizabeth Taylor said, “Michael wouldn’t want me to share grieve with the other millions people”. Debie Rowe, Michael’s second wife, was telling that she would not interrupt the ceremony with her presence, so that the main attention would still and only Michael himself.

After the letters from Nelson Mandela and Diana Ross being read, the stage was very silent. Then, finally, a song was sung by Andrea Crouch Choir along the arrival of MJ’s coffin in front of the stage. The crowd was hysteric and calling his name in mourn.

Pastor Lucious Smith was the one who gave the first speech.

“..is gone to soon”.

Mariah Carey was singing I’ll Be There, a duet with Trey Lorenz.

“We miss you”.

Queen Latifah then, gave her speech and dedicated a poem of Michael Angelo.

“We are missing Michael Jackson. But we know that we have him. We are the world”.

Lionel Richie then sang a song and followed by a speech of Gerry Gordy, the Motown founder.

“The more I think of Michael Jackson, I think that King of Pop is not enough for him. I think that he is just simply…he is just simply, the greatest entertainer that ever lived”.

After footages of MJ’s flashback, Stevie Wonder was singing with his piano. The sound was very heartbreaking, accompanied by a background of a bluish picture of MJ’s sitting relax on a chair with his handsome style. The image was so profounding.

“I love you, and I have said it many times”.

Kobe Bryant and Magic Johnson, famous basketball players that were close with him, were giving speech respectively.

“This is a celebration of his life, of his legacy”.

American Idol winner, Jennifer Hudson, sang Will You Be There. Pastor Al Sharpton with his powerful speech was telling that Michael Jackson was the one who had changed the world.

“He opened up the whole new world. Michael never stop! Michael never stop! Michael never stop!”.

John Mayer was playing Human Nature with only his guitar. He was not singing, but the sound from his guitar was very … *sob*
Then it comes to the most special person, the very special friend of MJ—Brooke Shields. Her feeling to MJ is very strong, I can not hold my tears no more when I heard her story of the other side of MJ. The childish, sensitive, caring, humourous and loving MJ. He just loved to laugh, she said.

“MJ’s laugh was the sweetest and the purest laugh I’ve ever heard”.

“His favourite song was not one of his masterpieces. It was a song written by Charlie Chaplin called Smile. There is a passage that saying smile although your heart is aching…”

Even though our hearts are aching now…Let’s smile for him.

A single spotlight shines his place on the stage.
He will always live.

michael_jackson_with his fans


Your fans


What we are living now, is written from our past life..

What we are living now, is writing for our next life..

Let’s continue to step ahead and live present life in a good way..

Do not complain and regret what we have failed to do or gain, since it is what we earned from what we did-either good things or bad things.

Yet, do our best and be grateful for what we have 🙂

Miss Indonesia 2009

Miss Indonesia 2009 logo

I recently don’t watch beauty pageants since I’ve seen that for these past several years,  there was not very much improvement in the finalists’ quality.

Tonight, I just clicked on the channel showing Miss Indonesia 2009 due to information from a friend. It was already at the top 3 finalist. The judges were giving a same question to the top 3 finalists. They were from West Sulawesi, DKI Jakarta and Bali. The question was:

If you were the Indonesian government, what would you have done should there was a condition of Indonesian workers having sent back to our country from abroad while in Indonesia itself was having a high number of unemployed people?”.

Finalist from Bali was the first to be questioned. Her answer was quite impressing, however she obviously looked very nervous, thus her answer was cut on the end since the thirty-second time limit was up.

The second was the finalist from DKI Jakarta. She was very impressive. Her English is outstanding! Nonetheless, her confidence and  calmness  during her answer has produced a very wise, knowledgeable and practical answer.  She answered that she would like to provide encouragement and quality enhancement on the Indonesian workers’ quality while exposing Eastern culture onto the world eyes. This answer has instantly caught my attention.

Then, the finalist from West Sulawesi was the last to be questioned. The answer was quite similar with the other two finalists, with specific concern in providing new work fields and to enhance Indonesian workers’ quality so there will be no need to have workers from abroad anymore.

In my opinion, DKI Jakarta has the biggest chance to win because of her impressive fluency in English, calmness, great confidence and her wise answer.  Those are important strengths if she were to be  joined in Miss World 2009 as a representative of Indonesia.

And guess what…She won! 😀

Kerenina Sunny Halim, the  dedicative  teacher for children of tsunami victims in Aceh, who was born in Jakarta on June 13, 1986, the sister of Indonesian actor–Steve Emmanuel, Diploma of six fields–Public Relations, Sales and Marketing, Primary Teaching, Economics, Performing Arts, and Music and Arts (rcti.tv), is now the official MISS INDONESIA 2009!

Karenina Sunny Halim Miss Indonesia 2009

Kerenina Sunny Halim Miss Indonesia 2009

She is going to represent Indonesia in Miss World 2009 held at South Africa.

Congratulation to her and wish her luck on the Miss World 2009! ^^ * I know she will be great ;p *

Happy World Environment Day 2009 guyz 🙂

Today, June 5, 2009, HOME — a film by Yann Arthus – Bertrand, start playing on 3 continents in movies, televisions, DVDs and internet.

It is an extraordinary beautifully captured movie containing stunning images of world exploration including famous pictures by Arthus-Bertrand along with informative texts provided by Good Planet team–a non-profit organization promoting environment protection.

HOME is exploring more than 50 countries, showing current environment conditions of each country and what factors will take role in the future. Watching this movie will contribute to WWF Indonesia. Let’s watch it to enrich our knowledge while saving our home 🙂

In 200.000 years on Earth humanity has upset the balance of the planet, established by nearly four billion years of evolution. The price to pay is high, but it’s too late to be a pessimist: humanity has barely ten years to reverse the trend, become aware of the full extent of its spoliation of the Earth’s riches and change its patterns of consumption.

By bringing us unique footage from over fifty countries, all seen from the air, by sharing with us his wonder and his concern, with this film Yann-Arthus Bertrand lays a foundation stone for the edifice that, together, we must rebuild (home-2009.com).

Watch the Movie here

Watch the Movie here

Got caught at office working in the middle of night ..

Will I ever get home? T.T


The melody is sooooo beautiful~~ ! *teary eyes*

I recently fallen in love with a new TV Channel called DAAI TV. It’s not like other TV channels showing tv series with same contents over and over again just because the story theme is currently popular within the audiences, thus they can always reach highest rank. The worst part is they are extending shows that are having highest ranks although the content is very harmful to the society and “trashy” (e.g.: poor, weak women falling in love with “extremely” wealthy men, but the family is not blessing their love due to her social status and thus the women is being tortured in many ways).

da_ai_tv logo

DAAI TV is highly distinct from the others! It’s very educative and relaxing.

It has many noble shows such as “Reflection” (Refleksi), “Volunteer World” (Dunia Relawan), etc. They are categorizing their programs into several terms: Compassionate Relief, Health and Medical, Children & Family Education, Humanity and Culture, Spritual & Self-Improvement, Environment & Nature, Drama, Current Fair (www.daaitv.co.id).

You can imagine from their program categories what kind of shows they are making, aren’t you now? ;D

DAAI TV is originally from Taiwan which established and initiated by a group of Buddhist called “Tzu Chi“. DAAI TV means a great love, big compassions (DA-AI is a Chinese terms means Great Love). It was established in 1995. Da Ai TV has been upholding the principle and ideal of “bearing witness to the power of compassion” and “deeply cultivating the spirit of humanity” when producing programming of truth, goodness, and beauty. It is today a global satellite TV channel of choice, as well as a content provider of wholesome programming that serves viewers in every corner of the world (en.newdaai.tv).

When you are watching the channel, you will have a magnificent experience of soaking into high-quality news and precious informations of people around the world. You can see how lots of people are starting moving around their society to help people in need and also the mother nature itself. I just got very touched and awakened to know that there are so many sincere (and I mean, INCREDIBLY SINCERE) people. It’s REAL. It’s not a so called “REALITY” Show, even though it is just a script designed to feel like a real condition–knowing that present people are craving to see how others are living like (no wonder celebrity gossips are always having high view rank in many countries).

My favourite segment is around 7 PM – 8.30 PM. They are having different titles of TV Drama based on true story (mostly every 30 episodes) on 7 – 7.45 PM. The newest and my favourite one is “Melodi Kehidupan” (Shen Ming Yuan Wu Qi or The Melody of Life).

I love the soundtrack so much!! I never felt this excited hearing a soundtrack since quite a long time! The melody is so beautiful, sweet, fresh and very relaxing~~ can not stand not to share it with everyone I met! (literally!)

The opening song is sung by a talented 15-year girl named Guan Xin, she has a very cheerful clear voice ^^~

This one is a version of her doing rehearsal and recording.

The ending song is sung by Fang Ji-Wei. Her emotion is so reflected within the song..*gives me shiver*

Hopes you all having a wonderful day.. as I am now..^^


I’m at changi singapore just for a 45-minute transit to somewhere else. Testing the free wifi service, it’s only for 15 minutes per usage btw ^^

Well, it’s worth it enough, because it is very fast!

Uuuu T-T I’m very miss to be in Singapore. I’m so sad I can’t step out to outside, since it’s only 45-minute transit T-T *looking @ the airplane windows sadly*


See you next week!